Century Ride, beginer, 100 mile, by Eric Kenney, Ek Endurance Coaching

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:13
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:13
Training Load By Week

Complete that distance that every cyclist talks about. The Century. with this plan every workout will be of the highest quality maximizing your training 100%!!

for more info on custom plans, 1 on 1 coaching contact Eric at: Eric@ekendurancecoaching.com.

Sample Day 2
Pedaling skills

Ride in the HR 1-2 zones on a mostly flat course. Include pedaling drills such as: a) Push the pedal forward over th etop of the circle then down, b) pedal with foot against the top inside of your shoe trying to avoid touching the insole. Stay as relaxed as you can while doing these drills. No tension in feet, legs, hands, etc.

Sample Day 3
Easy ride

Ride in 1-2 zone.
find some short hills to ride. stay seated and find steady rhythm.

Sample Day 4

after a solid warm up of at least 20' including a few hard 1' efforts. Do: 2x20' 2' rest) all out make your second as stromng as the first interval! note course wind. date time. perceived excretion, etc...
do this on a course where you DO NOT have to stop. go to the EN data tool and fill in your info to get your training zones.

Sample Day 5
Optional mode(s)

Your choice of mode: hike, XC ski, snowshoe, row, aerobics class, stair climb, etc. Anything except your normal sport discipline(s). Can combine 2 or more modes into one workout. Easy to moderately hard effort (RPE 1-6 on 10 scale). Avoid anaerobic effort.

Sample Day 6
Easy ride

Steady ride in zone 2. keep RPM's high and focus on a smooth efficient pedal stroke especially towards the end of the ride.
DO: 30' in zone 3 in middle of the ride. steady and strong!

Sample Day 7
End. Ride

Level 2, steady pace. in control, relaxed upper body smooth lower body. last 30' of ride in zone 3. steady.

Sample Day 9
Force Reps

warm up well 20' or so.
Do: 6-10 of these starting a new one every 3-5 minutes. zone 1-2 inbetween. (Use the big chain ring and a gear that allows only about 50-60 rpm. While in the saddle drive the pedals down as hard as possible for 20-30 seconds. these are done at 90% of max! cool down well.

Eric Kenney
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