12 Week 100 Mile Century Ride Preparation

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:34
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:34
Training Load By Week

Training for an upcoming 100 mile century ride in a gran fondo or charity event should be fun and rewarding! This 12 week plan will take you up to your event. This plan is built for beginner - intermediate level riders who have minimal time to ride during the work week. Each week involves cycling, core, and recovery days to maximize your time during the work week, and longer rides on the weekends to get you prepared for your upcoming event. Calculate your training zones on week 2 with a field test. You can use heart rate or power for this program.

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Sample Day 2
Muscle Tension Intervals 3x7

Muscle Tension Intervals involve using a very hard gear (big ring) and high resistance. For the duration of the interval, you want to keep your rpms between 40-60rpms. Your effort will be moderate. If you are indoors and need more resistance on the trainer, try taking some air out of your tires. If you are outdoors, find a hill, a headwind, or a grassy park to add resistance.

Warm-up for 10-15 min. Then do:Do 3x7 minutes ON, 7 min OFF. Keep rpms between 40-60 during the interval.Before, inbetween, and after each interval, spin at zone 2 or endurance pace.

Sample Day 3
Active Recovery

Easy spin today to loosen up the legs.

Sample Day 4
Zone 6: Anaerobic Intervals 5 x 30

Warm-up for 10-15 min. Then do:
Zone 6: Everything you have to give!
5 x 30 sec on 1 min off; Full Gas effort!

Sample Day 6
Big Ride / Group Ride

Weekend Group Ride-Don't worry about intervals, etc today. Work on sticking wheels for the duration. Climbing hills strongly, pacelining together in a group and even launching attacks or trying for sprints. Overall this should be 'moderately hard' effort and also a bit of fun

Sample Day 7
Athletes Choice

Today is your pick on what type of ride you'd like to do! Have fun!

Sample Day 8
Day OFF- stretch

Work on stretching your hamstrings, hips and calves today....A little foam rolling goes a long way too.
Check out this helpful video: https://vimeo.com/214200414

Sample Day 9
Field Test - 20 minutes

20 Min Threshold Effort up a climb or on an uninterrupted stretch of flat road to determining training zones.
Find an uninterrupted stretch of road, free from stop signs/lights or longer descents. This needs to be a repeatable effort as you may test throughout the season. Your goal is to put out the hardest effort you can for 20 minutes, but also to be smooth & consistent as you perform the effort. Don't blow up in the first few minutes!

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