Cape Rouleur pre comp 4 weeks Power plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:29
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:29
Training Load By Week

The Cape Rouleur is a multi stage endurance road event that covers 600km and almost 6,000m + of climbing. It is a pro style event that has rolling road closures, seeded groups commensurate with ability and full technical, medical, logistic and pro crew support. The event is televised on Eurosport and Supersport. Cape Rouleur riders also get the opportunity to gain seeded entry to the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the world's largest individually timed cycle race followed by VIP hospitality. This gives participants a full week of cycling, comprising of a prologue, three stages of the Cape Rouleur, a 112km Festival ride into Cape Town escorted in style by the City traffic police.

Sample Day 1
Spin-ups+dominant leg

Drill: 3x(10 seconds high rpm, 10 secs higher, 10secs max, 60secs recoveries ) + 3x(30secs left, 30secs right leg dominant). 4-5 times. Small chain ring. CP180.

Sample Day 2
Lactate threshold steady state in z4

BT: Hill threshhold. After warm up ride 20-30 minutes up a steady grade at CP60. Seated. Smooth pedaling. 60+ rpm.

Sample Day 3
Aerobic Threshold Steady State

BT: Warm up 20-30 minutes. Then ride 2 hours steady at 62.5-67.5% of CP30 power. Observe heart rate at this effort if. What was your average HR for the steady state portion?

Sample Day 4
Hill intervals, stand, 4-5x3 minutes at CP6

BT: Warm up. On 6-8% grade do 4-5 x 3 minutes at CP6 (3 minute recoveries). STANDING all the way up. Head up. Otherwise, heart rate zone 1-2.

Sample Day 4
CP30, power

BT: Long warm up. Then time trial 30 minutes. Flat out-back. Race effort. Record average power, speed & heart rate. Otherwise keep heart rate in zones 1-2.

Sample Day 6
Rolling, BCR, less than z3

Ride on rolling course. Big chain ring. Power no greater than CP90. Mostly heart rate zones 2-3. Seated on most hills.

Sample Day 7
Criss cross around FTP

BT: Criss-cross. Flat. Warm up. Ride 20 minutes. Criss-cross from CP60 to CP12 every 1-2 minutes. 85-100 rpm.

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