Cycling Beginner Half Century

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:19
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 2
Trainer, 1-2 zones

Ride in the 1-2 zones on your trainer using gears to simulate small rolling hills.

Sample Day 4

Trainer hills. Shift up and down thru gears to simulate hills. 2 to 5 minutes in each gear. Seated. Heart rate in 1-4 zones.

Sample Day 6

WUP: 9 min. (includes 2 x 30 sec. sprint). Main muscle tension: (2 x 5:00 seated 65 rpms big gear). (1 x 10 min. 80-90 rpm easy gear). (10 x 1 min alternate 90 rpm/easy followed by 1 min. big gear 60 rpms). (1 x 10 min. 60 rpm biggest gear). 5 min. spin small ring. ALL of this is seated. Raise HR to LT on all big gear work.

Sample Day 9
Trainer: Efficiency - 35 min

WU: 15' - CD: 10' 3’ at 100 RPM. 2’ at 110 RPM. 1 β€˜at 120 RPM or highest sustainable RPM.

Sample Day 11
Bike ME: Muscular Endurance - 50 min

15' wu. 5x3' w/ 1' RI (rest interval). End at low Zone 3 - 15' cd.

Sample Day 13
Trainer: Power Speed - 75 min

WU: 15' - CD: 10' From warm-up go into LCR and pick up the pace until you are in a comfortable gear that you can race in. You will then ride 4 x 5 minutes, with a 3 minute recovery. The idea is to not slow down the cadence or mph. You have to pick a gear that is easy enough that you can make for all four sets, yet hard enough that you are going at race pace effort.

Sample Day 14
Trainer: Recovery - 45 min

Start out at a very easy gearing, over 15' gradually increase the resistance to a medium level. Hold that medium resistance level for 15'. Then gradually work back to the easy gear you started with over the last 15'. Purpose is to loosen legs after long run or ride from day before or even a recent race. If it's nice out, feel free to spin outside, but stay in small chain ring.

Michael Ricci

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