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NEW!! 40 Week Sportive / Gran Fondo Plan (300-500 TSS AV PW) + Email Support, $50 Back & 40WK SCPlan

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NEW!! 40 Week Sportive / Gran Fondo Plan (300-500 TSS AV PW) + Email Support, $50 Back & 40WK SCPlan

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

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Pav Bryan - Amazon #1 Author + BikesEtc Magazines 'Cycling Guru' & 'King Of Endurance'

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40 Weeks

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

Learn More about Structured Workouts.

Plan Description

Coach Pav

This plan is the latest version using all the latest TrainingPeaks features, current for 2021/22 and has been designed by me, Pav Bryan ( Amazon #1 New Release Author, BikesEtc Magazine’s 'Cycling Guru' and 'King of Endurance'.

Only my premium ("NEW!!") plans come with a free user guide (with new links to blog resources - sorry the links within each session no longer work) 40-week strength and conditioning plan (downloadable in session one on the calendar) and email support! If you have any problem completing your plan or have to deviate for any reason – I will personally recommend a solution within 24 hours.

This plan is for you if: You have been training in a structured manner for up to a couple of years or are capable of averaging between 300-500 TSS points per week.

Once you have completed this plan you will be ready to start your more specialised training. Consider using the $50.00 voucher included with this plan to get hire a Spokes coach or receive a Personalised Training Plan -> checkout for more info. If you choose to go it alone, you might consider switching the strength sessions to something less maximal, maybe more focused on building explosive power (4-8 weeks), then to more strength maintenance following that (maybe only twice per week).

This plan presumes that you have had an end of season break. If you have had just one week off (and this is enough!) you might consider starting this plan at week three. Anymore than one week off the bike, you should start at the beginning. If you've had more than one month off the bike, consider repeating weeks 1-3, before testing and then continuing the plan.

Where double sessions exist, do the bike session in the morning and the other session as late in the day as possible. Try to give yourself as big a gap between the two as possible. The exception might be if you have a leg speed (easy) session scheduled on the same day as a non-bike session, they can be done right after the other.

This plan is totally compatible (upload-able/exportable) with all good platforms including Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and many more.

You can use any method to monitor your training, power, cadence, heart rate or rate of perceived exertion, although power is an advantage. You get key rides and further resources (links within the sessions on the calendar) to ensure you are capable across every aspect of cycling; nutrition, hydration, technique, tactics and of course performance.

All the sessions you will do come with comprehensive instructions, links to videos, blogs or downloads, plus they have the workout builder function; full power, heart rate and cadence targets (where applicable).

Please note that my "NEW!!" plans don't come with a taper before any events (if applicable). This is mainly because most athletes have their own taper specific to them and less taper weeks means more training weeks! Feel free to get in contact if you need help with your taper, but remember to time to end of this plan so there is a gap between it and your event.

If you are using heart rate or RPE and would like a plan tailored to this, please visit for info on bespoke plans.

Sign up to my support groups at

You won’t find a training plan more comprehensive than this!

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x4
05:29:00 07:00:00
Day Off x2
—— ——
Other x2
01:04:00 00:45:00
Strength x1
00:38:00 01:00:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
05:29:00 07:00:00
Day Off
—— ——
01:04:00 00:45:00
00:38:00 01:00:00

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter
  • Heart Rate Monitor

All supported devices

Pav Bryan: #1 Amazon New Release Author & Endurance Sports Coach

Coach Pav

Coaching athletes from those looking to enter their first event through to those like Mark Beaumont and James Lowsley-Williams ;)

I am experienced in public speaking and have presented numerous times around the world. I became a published author in 2019, with my #1 Amazon New Release book 'The Guide to Truly Effective Cycling'.

  • This plan includes a Free Basic TrainingPeaks Account.
  • Access your training plan anywhere on the TrainingPeaks mobile and desktop apps.
  • Track your performance with robust data tracking and detailed graphs.
  • Plan for your event in the TrainingPeaks calendar.
  • Track your weight, sleep, hours, fatigue and stress while you train.
  • Syncs daily with other popular apps like Garmin and MyFitnessPal.

Refund Policy

This plan is protected by our Refund Policy and may, with the author's approval, be exchanged for a plan of equal value from the same author.

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