Cycling - Accelerate Fitness (8 weeks)

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Cycling - Accelerate Fitness (8 weeks)


Grant Goodman

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

5:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling gran fondo/century intermediate advanced weightloss multi day power based hr based tss based strength

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This is an 8 week plan that concentrates on tempo and interval efforts (on the turbo during winter) and flat to rolling roads in your weekday rides.

Alongside this are longer rides at the weekend and a fasted session which will help build your endurance within a shorter session.

What you get :

1. Telephone Consultation
2. two telephone reviews
3. eight week training plan (2 change)
4. Heart Rate / Power based Sessions
5. TrainingPeaks (basic)


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:28

Grant Goodman

Cycle For Fitness Limited

I work with cyclists from novice to club level to advance their lifetime fitness, endurance and wellbeing.

My coaching is based on science-based workouts and conditioning sessions to help develop resilience and build peak competitive performance specific to their goals.

Plans start with baseline fitness tests, with reviews to fine-tune duration and intensity, continuously optimising performance.

I also offer cycling holidays in Alicante/Valencia region of Spain.

Sample Day 1

Light Turbo

1h light turbo ride – effort 5/10 just to burn some extra calories

Sample Day 3

Turbo - HR and Power Zone Test

To determine your training zones for the rest of the plan! Warm up on the turbo for 15min, taking your effort levels from 5/10 to 8/10 over 10min gradually then 5min easy. Next do 2x30s efforts at 90% max effort in a low gear, aiming to spin at 100+rpm with 2min easy in between. After the last 2min rest period do a 20min hard effort, aiming to start off at 8/10 effort and try to hold or increase this as you feel able to get your best possible effort out over the 20min. Cool down with 10min cooldown pedalling and record your average power and heart rate over the last 10min of the test and let me know.

Sample Day 5

Turbo Tempo

1h turbo with 10min warm up then 40min at 145-170w then 10min cool down

Sample Day 7

Road - Fasted - Aerobic

Fasted (see below) 2h road ride in zone 2

Sample Day 8

Turbo - Recovery

1h recovery spin on the turbo under 130w – at least 3h since last meal

Sample Day 9

Turbo - Intervals

1h turbo with 10min warm up increasing the power from 130-230w (10w each minute) then 5min easy pedalling. Next, do 4x5min harder efforts at ~230w and 95-100rpm. 5min easy in between and 10min cool down

Sample Day 13

Road - Fasted - Aerobic

Fasted (see below) 2h road ride in zone 2

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