Gran Fondo Hincapie - Greenville (B Plan - Coach Supported)

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:46

This is a 12-week plan for the Gran Fondo Hincapie in Greenville, SC. This fondo is one of the most popular and challenging Fondos in the US, with several very tough climbs.

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This plan uses an innovative approach that works well for time-crunched athletes. Weekday workouts do not exceed 90 minutes and are anchored by (2) 1-hour, high intensity rides that will deliver results. You will build duration during weekend tempo and endurance rides. Specific to this event, you will do workouts tailored to riding in a high-speed paceline for a long duration.

Target Athlete
This plan is for an intermediate cyclist who is already maintaining 3-5 hours / 200-300 TSS of training per week. A more aggressive plan and/or additional base training is also available here. Or, contact Coach for advice for your situation.

Included with the Plan
- Workout integration to all major applications (Garmin, Zwift, TrainerRoad, etc.)
- Plan instructions and tips (PDF)
- SUPPORT: Email Coach if you have any questions

Sample Day 1
TEST: 20 Min Test

A  20-minute time trial to assess Functional Threshold Power (FTP) & Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR).

These tests also help you pace appropriately and manage all-out efforts mentally.

Use any cadence that suits you, but if you're pedaling slower than 80rpm it's in your best interest to increase your cadence over the course of your training.

**Do not import this workout into a trainer app** Trainer Apps like Zwift and Trainer Road have FTP tests built in, feel free to use one of those.

Sample Day 2
45 Active Recovery

Recovery Ride.  Take this time to "spin your legs out" and recovery from previous efforts.  Do not go above 55% FTP.  It is a good time to focus on high cadence drills and pedal stroke.  If you have them, you can do these on rollers.  Outside, you can practice skills such as cornering.

Recovery days are necessary for your body to adapt and get stronger.  If you cannot ride, take the day off.

Sample Day 3
PH: 32 FTP (4x8)

Power Hour: FTP 4x8min

Power Hour workouts are power-based workouts intended maximize benefit in a 1-hour training session.

Do these intervals at current FTP. Over time, the goal should be to extend the length of these intervals and total time in zone.

Sample Day 4

Power Hour: 45min Tempo

Power Hour workouts are power-based workouts intended maximize benefit in a 1-hour training session.

This session is targeted at your tempo zone which is between 76-90% of your current FTP. The workout will explore 3 different ranges within the Tempo zone. Total Time in zone: 45min.

Sample Day 6
40 SST (2x20)

Sweet Spot Training.  Do these intervals at your "sweet spot" which is 88-93% of your current FTP.  With progression, we want to move to longer intervals and more total time in zone.  Rest intervals will be 5 minutes or less.  Total Time in zone: 40min.

Sample Day 7
120 Endurance

Endurance ride. Your endurance zone is between 55-75% of your FTP. This should be an enjoyable pace. Your power may go above or below your endurance zone, but the Normalized Power (NP) for the entire ride should fall within 55-75% of your FTP. No power meter? Your endurance zone is 82-89% of your Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR). On flat terrain, this is a good ride to develop group riding skills. With hills, resist the urge to go hard uphill. Instead, keep a steady effort in your endurance zone.

Ideally, these rides are outside, but if you are stuck indoors you can use a trainer app like Zwift or TrainerRoad. TrainerRoad Options: Behive (98 TSS), Boarstone +2 (111 TSS), Hawk Mountain (103 TSS)

Sample Day 9
PH: 40 TEMPO (Paceline)

Tempo "Plus" Training.  You will do 2 minute intervals at the low end of your Tempo zone (80% of FTP) followed by a 30 second "pull" at your FTP.  The goal is to simulate a paceline.  After a strong pull at the front, you have to be able to keep a steady effort to remain in the group.  This will train your body to clear lactate and other bad stuff from your bloodstream while maintaining a steady effort.    With progression, we want to move to longer intervals and/or harder bursts.  Rest intervals will be 5 minutes or less.

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