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Smash a Triple Metric Century (300km) in 20 Weeks (From 160km Start) + Receive $50 in Vouchers!


Pav Bryan - BikesEtc Magazines Cycling Guru & Performance Director at Spokes.

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20 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling gran fondo/century intermediate advanced masters power based hr based tss based

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Plan Description

This plan has been designed by Pav Bryan Performance Director at Spokes and BikesEtc Magazine’s Cycling Guru.

To be capable of completing this plan you must be able to ride at least 160km in one ride.

Once you have completed this plan you will be ready to start your taper into your main event. There will be plenty of time to do some longer test events, Gran Fondo's or Audax's, these will be advantageous and you should either move the calendar around to accommodate these, or, replace the most similar session that week.

This plan includes 2x core sessions per week, with link to instructional video which you can follow. It has one key ride per week, which must be done - you do not need to worry about the time, just get the miles completed. It has two rest days per week and the remaining sessions compliment the key ride. You can change the hill reps to be more similar to the type of hill you will face during your event.

This plan presumes that you have been riding consistently for at least 4 weeks (ideally 8), if you haven't, you should check out our Preparation Phase plans before starting this.

This plan is totally compatible (upload-able/exportable) with all good platforms including Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and many more.

You can use any method to monitor your training, power, cadence, heart rate or rate of perceived exertion, although power is an advantage. You get key rides and further resources (links within the sessions on the calendar) to ensure you are capable across every aspect of cycling; nutrition, hydration, technique, tactics and of course performance.

All the sessions you will do come with comprehensive instructions, links to videos, blogs or downloads, plus they have the workout builder function; full power, heart rate and cadence targets (where applicable).

If you are using heart rate or RPE and would like a plan suited to this, please visit us at -> & we will gladly create one for you.

You also get access to the Spokes support groups.

You won’t find a training plan more comprehensive than this!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:27 hrs 13:00 hrs
—— ——
1:14 hrs 0:45 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:27 hrs 13:00 hrs
—— ——
1:14 hrs 0:45 hrs

Training Load By Week

Pav Bryan

Spokes -

BikesEtc Magazines Cycling Guru. Co-Founder and Performance Director at Spokes. Former Director and Head Coach at Direct Power Coaching and Nutritionally Fit. Team Manager at Direct Power Cycling Team. Pioneer of Truly Personal Coaching and Truly Personal Nutrition.

Responsible for a team of fifteen coaches, Pav is a well-respected coach within the cycling community. Pav is experienced in public speaking and has presented numerous times around the world.

Sample Day 1

Russian Steps - Speed Style!

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed & increase your efficiency

10 min warm-up

This session should be under geared so it is more about leg speed (cadence) than power so get your legs spinning with little resistance, the easy parts just reduce right off.

15 sec max 45 sec easy,
30 sec max 30 sec easy,
45 sec max 15 sec easy,
60 sec max 60 sec easy,
45 sec max 15 sec easy,
30 sec max 30 sec easy,
15 sec max 45 sec easy,

5 mins active rest then repeat.

Don’t worry about zones during this session.

9 min cool-down

Here's a guide on improving pedalling efficiency:

Sample Day 2

Spin Ups

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed & increase your efficiency 

10 min warm-up. 

On a downhill slope or a light resistance on trainer start spinning your legs, increasing your cadence every min until you reach your max without bouncing on the bike. Then maintain for as long as possible, time how long you hold your max then aim to beat it on next attempt. 

Recover for 3 or more min then repeat as many times as you can. 

10 min cool-down.

Note down the peak at which you started to bounce

Something to help with preparing mentally for this test:

How did you do? Let us know via social media:

Sample Day 3

Core Strength & Flexibility Workout (45 Min) (Pav Bryan's S&C Video)

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop core strength & flexibility, which will increase power output & comfort on the bike

We recommend that you follow the guidance of a qualified professional.

Check out Pav Bryan's video for ideas:

Sample Day 5

Activation Session Development

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop a day before routine (activation session).
Getting this right now will mean we know exactly how to prep your body the day before your key events so you are 100% at the start line the next day

Your coach will be happy to help with this but 
look to include your event warm-up & cool-down plus some high cadence low resistance efforts and about 5-10 minutes at race intensity

Make notes today & tomorrow on how it felt so we can come back to this and develop it over time

Focus on having everything ready for your upcoming event. Allow your mind to be filled with positive thoughts. Repeat mantras, power words or affirmations

Here's a guide we wrote on preparing for your "A" event:

Sample Day 6

3' Aerobic Test

The Goal Of This Session: is to set your training zones & set a benchmark or check progress against a previous score

20 minute warm-up

3 minutes all out, note the result, must be done with a power meter only. Please press lap before & after effort.

10 minutes cool-down

Something to help with preparing mentally for this test:

How did you do? Let us know via social media:

Sample Day 8

"I Hate Pav" Intervals - Session 1

The Goal Of This Session: is to improve maximal power output

20 minute warm-up

8x (15 sec hard 45 sec easy)
4x (1 min hard 2 min easy)
1x (10 min FTP)

During the hard part your RPE should be 8 or above, max means maximum sustainable for the time, use workout builder as a guide only. Cadence of a normal amount so gear appropriately. During the recovery parts reduce all resistance and spin legs. Don’t worry about Zones during this session.

10 minute cool-down

Here's a Spokes guide on building mental toughness:

Sample Day 9

Seated Accelerations (RPM) - Strength Reps - Set 1

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop muscular strength

15 min warm-up

6x Seated Accelerations from almost standstill in your biggest gear. All out effort until you hit around 90 RPM. Zones not relevant during this session, workout guide power is an approximation

10 min cool-down

Stay seated throughout

Check out Pav Bryan's Ultimate Recovery Guide, the most important part of training but very apt for strength training:

Plus, Pav Bryan's stretching & foam roller video:(

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