Propello Club 2 Week Taper

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:51
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:51
Training Load By Week

A 2 week Taper plan for a Gran Fondo, Sportive.

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Sample Day 1
Easy Ride

Sample Day 2
VO2Max A

Your intervals should be attempted at MAX effort. Make sure you take the full recovery to let energy replenish before you go MAX again!

Sample Day 3
Easy Rollers/Turbo/Road

30-45mins very easy

Sample Day 4
Super LT+1

Super LT session with one min hard efforts to build lactate tolerance and mental toughness.

Sample Day 6
Lead Outs D

This is a hard anaerobic session only to be completed by fit and trained athletes after a solid period of mixed intensity training. This will challenge and improve your aerobic fitness as well as develop anaerobic endurance. Ride the efforts at a high cadence and then recover.

Sample Day 7
3-4 hours of endurance riding

Sample Day 8
Easy Ride

Robert Wakefield

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