TP016 British Cycling Challenge 100mile Sportive | 16 weeks | 8 hours

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:35
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:35
Training Load By Week

This plan has been created to focus on improving your endurance to complete this 100mile sportive focussing on the demands/energy systems of riding in Norfolk!

The start date for this plan is the 11th March 2019 and will take you right up to the start line.

The plan has been built around turbo sessions during the week using power and are around 1 hour in length. The longer rides have been scheduled for the weekends and are built around basic heart rate figures so you will be able to still ride with your club mates. This can be rearranged to suit your work/family schedule.

The power sessions are all totally compatible (export/sync required) with Zwift, TrainerRoad and Smart trainers with ERG mode.

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Sample Day 2
First FTP Test

As this is your first test we are going to use RPE to pace the effort of the test, see link below for a simple guide for this.

This test will set your Functional Threshold Power along with an idea of what your v02 max power currently is. We are looking for both intervals to be controlled for the duration so you will need to gauge intensity for each. Be aware that the perceived effort will feel different at the start and the end of each interval even though effort may be the same. At the end of both the 5min & the 20min effort you should have nothing left in the tank.

Good luck!

Press lap button for the 2 efforts marked with a *

5min WU
3x1min high cadence efforts 100rpm+, 1min RI
5min Easy
*5min - All out effort trying to have a controlled pace for the entire interval.
10min - Easy
*20min - Time Trial effort. Don't go out too hard and try to maintain power for entire interval, give it all in the last 5min
09min Cool Down

Sample Day 3
Recovery - W3 High Cadence

This is a great session not only to acheive a recovery adaptation it also works on improving your cadence as a cyclists.
The idea of this session is active recovery to help recover from the previous days hard workout.
Aim for a cadence of around 100rpm throughout the session

Sample Day 6
Tempo Ride - W1

This is your staple club ride pace, it should not be flat out but enough to push you. Mix it up with some endurance/tempo and getting up as far as sweetspot but no prolonged hard efforts. A couple of 10sec burst at max intensity will be o.k
It can be done on your own or in a group.
I have put a guide down for the heart rate however this is only a guide and feel free to be above or below at various times depending on the terrain and conditions.
If using a power meter your IF should be coming in at around 0.80

Sample Day 7
Endurance Road - W1 Zone2

The purpose of this workout is to improve your aerobic endurance and make you more efficient as a cyclist. 
The idea is to stay in HR Zone2 for the entire ride. Go as slow as needed on the hills to make sure HR does not go over Z2. It will seem slow when you first start doing these rides but you will become faster.

Sample Day 9
Tempo - W1 Muscular Endurance

Tempo is the most common intensity to ride at for any cyclist and although you can spend too much time in this zone it is useful for time crunched athletes. 
These blocks done at a lower cadence will also help build muscular endurance and the short recoveries will keep the intensity up without being un-manageable.

Sample Day 10
Speed skills - W4 Sweetspot

Cadence drills are designed to help improve your pedalling. During the intervals don't worry about power or HR but concentrate on good form trying not to bounce on the saddle and build the cadence steadily which will help.
During the sweetspot blocks don't worry about the exact power but use as more of a guide. The cadence is the main objective of this workout.

Sample Day 12
Endurance - W2 Musclular

This session is looking to build your base fitness but rather than just riding the entire time at stranded zone2 we are going to be doing intervals of 5min@ 70rpm and 1min @ 90rpm which will build extra fatigue in a shorter period of time.

James Walsgrove
Ride Harder

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