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Triple Bypass - Basic


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7 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling gran fondo/century beginner masters power based tss based base period

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Plan Description

This Triple Bypass Training Plan is for the cyclist that wants to cover all 120 miles at high altitude with strength and confidence! Choose between a basic, intermediate or advanced training plan based on the amount of time you have to train per week, your age and you ability level.

This plan is periodized so your riding time and effort will increase over time to boost your strength and endurance for those long climbs. You can ride the workouts with a powermeter, heart rate monitor, or Rate of Perceived Exertion and a bike computer with cadence. You’ll start with a Field Test to set your training zones and you’ll find the FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet that in this plan which includes Rate of Perceived Exertion too!

Additionally, this Triple Bypass training plan includes all the “marginal gains” details to get even stronger: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning – all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. You’ll perform structured Sweet Spot and Tempo intervals mid-week with solo or group rides on the weekends. There’s also recommendations for riding longer/shorter for flexibility so you can stay on track when life throws a curve ball.

This plan was designed for the athlete that works M-F, 9-5 (ish) and has roughly 8 - 12 hours per week to ride/train. If you can train 1 - 2 hours, Tuesday thru Thursdays and 2 - 4 hours on Saturdays, this plan will prepare you optimally for your Fondo.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:34 hrs 6:00 hrs
—— ——
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
8:34 hrs 6:00 hrs
—— ——
—— ——

FasCat Coaching

FasCat Coaching

FasCat has over 15 years of experience coaching real world amateur athletes: "Working men and women" that need balance and flexibility for whatever life throws at them. Before we design any training program we consult with the athlete first - how much time do you have to train - what do you have coming up?

We coach thru a custom designed training plan, monitor your progress thru your data and give feedback based on our expertise.

Sample Day 1

Field Test: 20 minuter

20 Min Threshold Effort up a climb or on an uninterrupted stretch of flat road to determine training zones
For more info:
Find an uninterrupted stretch of road, free from stop signs/lights or longer descents. This needs to be a repeatable effort as you may test throughout the season.
Your goal is to put out the most power you can over 20 minutes, but also to be smooth & consistent as you perform the effort. Don't blow up in the first few minutes! Ask me for wattage pacing guidelines.

Sample Day 2

Sweet Spot 3 x 8 minutes

3 x 8 minutes ON; 4 minutes recovery
Building a Hemi-Powered Aerobic Engine!
For More Information Visit:

Sample Day 3

Tempo 4 x 7 minutes

4 x 7 minutes ON (zone 3) 3.5 minutes OFF
Perform the Intervals by riding between 76-90% of your FTP. You should feel like you are working but not "suffering"
For More Information Please Read:

Sample Day 5

The Saturday Ride

The Saturday Ride will be a staple for your training to prep for the Triple. In a few week's time you'll be doing longer and harder Saturday rides.
Ride with a group/teammates/or even solo climbing at altitude if you have that option. Be adventurous if solo!
There are no zones or wattages, but let the terrain and your motivation push yourself to all zones with an emphasis on Sweet Spot and Threshold. Tempo once you become tired 60-75% into the ride.

Sample Day 6

Muscle Tension Interval 3 x 8 minutes

3 x 8 minutes ON; 4 minutes OFF
Muscle Tension's load your legs with forces similar to those you will encounter in the weight room or on climbs. These intervals are several minute, seated, big-gear, low-cadence efforts.
• These intervals are best done on a stationary trainer with the resistance set to HIGH
• Choose a big gear that is hard to push between a cadence of 40-60 rpm’s, 53 x ___
• This is more of a muscular workout than an aerobic workout. It is not a wattage-based workout. However, if your effort is too hard you will dilute the strength-building effects and transform the workout into a threshold-type exercise. Keep watts in the Zone 3/Sweet Spot.
• Work on pushing with your quads and pulling with your hamstrings—pedal “circles”.

Sample Day 8

Sweet Spot Smash 3 x 6 minutes

3 x 6 min on with a 15 sec smash every 2 minutes. Rest for 5 minutes b/w intervals
Similar to Sweet Spot Bursts but with a smash instead of a burst. At prescribed time, shift into biggest gear and slow to a standstill or slow roll (great on a steep climb) Then SMASH it up from 0 rpm to 60+ rpm for 15 seconds with really high force & pushing down hard on the pedals. Wattage will rise and should be z4/5 but not quite full gas. Then shift back to normal cadence and hold it into Sweet Spot till the next one

Sample Day 9

Sweet Spot Bursts: 3 x 8 minutes

3 x 8 minutes ON in Sweet Spot with a 'burst' every 2 minutes; 4 minutes recovery
Perform the effort at Sweet Spot Wattages, then 'burst' out of the saddle for 5 secs at 200% of your FTP (~___w) then return to sweet spot wattages.
Bursts are meant to help emulate the stochastic nature of bike rides, where you have to give it some 'gas'/hard efforts to get up a steep section, out of a corner or close a gap to a wheel.

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