Etape du Tour Heart rate based Training Plan 21 weeks

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Etape du Tour Heart rate based Training Plan 21 weeks


Nick de Meyer British Triathlon Federation level 3 Coach, Training Bible Master endurance coach

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21 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 1 Strength, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

6:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling gran fondo/century beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based base period

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This plan is heart rate based and gives you a gradual progression in volume and intensity, following a polarised approach to periodisation.

There are fitness testing sessions and progressively longer rides each week, with every 4th week being recovery week dropping volume to help you recover

If you have any questions about the plan or would like an assessment of your fitness, a consultation on how you're doing etc then please email Nick from Sound Coaching on

Nick has cycled across the Pyrenees on the Raid Pyrenean which is 450 miles in 5 day with 4 days climbing up to 2000m in altitude, and up to 3800m per day in vertical ascent per day, including the Tourmalet (20km at an average of 10% gradient) and the Peyresourdes climbs.

Nick has grown up cycling in and around the surrey hills, with his local cycling club, friends and the Tour of the Surrey Hills plus other sportives in the Surrey Hills

He has been coaching cyclists and triathletes since 2003, and is a Master Endurance coach with Training Bible coaching UK


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:30

Nick de Meyer

Sound Coaching

Nick has been a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach for 10 years, and has been a master endurance coach with Training Bible Coaching UK in that time. He is also a Training Peaks Level 1 Coach, and was formerly a Regional Development Coach for the South East region for British Triathlon.

Alongside his online coaching business, Nick also runs Speedy Swimming which specialise in 1-2-1 front crawl technique lessons, endless pool swim video analysis, swim clinics and group swim sessions

Sample Day 1

Trainer Hills 3x30 secs + ILT

WU 10 mins. Trainer hills. Shift up-down thru gears to simulate hills for 20 mins. 1-3 minutes each gear. Seated. hr#4 'hills' @ 70-80rpm. Otherwise, 1-2 heart rate zones 90 rpm. 20 mins of the following 4x(3x30 secs hills) with each 30s becoming increasingly harder (add resistance / go up a gear) whilst trying to hold your cadence of 100rpm. The straight into 2x 30 secs single leg on each leg. 90 secs easy between sets. CD 5 mins easy then stretch your legs

Sample Day 2


BT: Warm-up well. Then ride 30 minutes non-stop in the heart rate 3 zone on a mostly flat course. 85-95 rpm. Smooth pedaling.

Sample Day 3

Late day spin

Late in day, spin easily on trainer or rollers. Light resistance. Heart rate in very low range of 1 zone. Can do 20-30 minutes more.

Sample Day 4

Leg Strength & Core

15=20 reps on each exercise, starting with 1 set and building to 2. keep kettle bells or dumbbells light and maintain good form

Sample Day 6

Rolling hills seated

Ride primarily at 1-2 zones on a rolling course. Mostly in saddle on hills to build & maintain hip strength. Small and big chain rings.

Sample Day 6


Sample Day 7

Recovery spin

Very easy recovery spin on a flat course. Best on road bike. Small chain ring only.

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