12 week 200km Sportive or Gran Fondo Race plan - Part 3 (weeks 9-12)

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:05
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:05
Training Load By Week

This 12 week training plan will set you up to tackle any sportive or Gran Fondo up to distances of 200km. They are generally held over challenging terrain and this plan will ensure you are ready to hit the event in good form. The plan is broken down into three traditional 4 week blocks. Each days work out is downloadable to your Garmin to make you sessions as easy as can be. The feedback have been fantastic on these plans so far... Get involved and smash your goals!

Sample Day 1
BC beginners strength work


Sample Day 2
Endurance ride inc. FTP efforts - Endurance foundation / FTP builder (W)

Sample Day 3
Endurance Spin Ups - Endurance foundation (W)

Your body should not rock and your hips should be stable. if you find yourself bobbing lower your cadence back to the last cadence, concentrate on holding your core stability and raise your cadence again.

Sample Day 4
Low cadence Power session - Strength builder (W)

This is a super workout and will make you much stronger for this coming season!

The goal today is to get in low rpm, high strength work. If you can't use the gearing suggested, that's o.k.! Go by the cadence and follow the spirit of the workout.

Sample Day 4
BC Advanced strength workout


Sample Day 6
Ramp Ride - Endurance sweet spot / aerobic foundation (W)

An endurance based session but bringing in some tempo work.

Sample Day 7
The Grind - FTP Aerobic foundation / extensive aerobic training (W)

This is a base miles session with some inclusion of tempo work. You notice there is a step up within the sessions, this is cadence related, looking to build strength through changing cadence and gearing.

Jon Bateman

I am a post graduate sport scientist and coach with many years experience working with new riders to UCI podiums.

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