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Betera Coaching CX 8 Week Build and Peak Prep


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8 Weeks

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cycling cyclocross intermediate

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Plan Description

This plan is designed for the intermediate athlete who has some experience with Cyclocross and wants to prep specifically for the upcoming race season. The plan assumes that you have a solid aerobic base from riding all summer and that you currently ride 6 - 7 hours a week.

As Cyclocross races are generally only 30 - 40 mins long the volume of this plan stays fairly consistent at 6 - 7 hours each week and is filled with race specific intervals done at increasingly high intensity.

Key workouts each week fall on Wednesdays, Saturday's and Sundays. Saturday and Sunday workouts may be reversed if needed due to your personal schedule but it is recommended that you keep your hard mid week ride on Wednesday to allow adequate recovery in between Key Sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns about this training plan, please don't hesitate to email for help.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:34 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:34 hrs 3:00 hrs
—— ——

Sarah Matchett

Betera Coaching

Coach Sarah coaches runners, triathletes, and cyclists, using personalized workouts, data analysis, and effective communication to successfully balance your training schedule with your other commitments. Her clients have qualified for and successfully participated in:

IM World Championship
Olympic Distance National and World Championships
Duathlon National Championships
USA Cycling Road, CX and Para National Championships
Leadville 100 MTB
Dirty Kanza
Belgium Waffle RIde
Boston Marathon

Sample Day 1

Plyos 4 rounds of 5

4 rounds of

-Squat Jumps: x 5
-Box Jumps: x 5
-Split Squat Jumps: x 5

Take a full 1- 2 min rest between sets

Sample Day 1

Microbursts (2 x(7x:30) plus Plyos (20 min) 70 TSS

Warm up 10 - 15 mins building to zone 2

MS: 2 x 7 min 30/30s with 5 min rests

30 sec on hard attacking interval, 30 sec easy spinning. Repeat continuously for 7 mins.

Rest 5 mins easy spinning and repeat.

Ride 10 - 15 mins in zone 2/3

Cool Down 5 - 10 mins

Sample Day 2

30 sec Stands and 3 min Grinds

Warm U 15 min as follows:
5 min easy spin,
6 min ramp to Best Effort

MS1: 6 min alternate 30 sec Standing, 30 sec seated. Practice accelerating 5 - 10 rpms immediately after you sit down

MS2: 7 x 3 min Heavy Gear Grinds
3 mins in Z3/Z4 at 60 -70 rpms.
Spin in zone Z2/Z3 for 3- 5 mins in between.

Finish with 1 more set of 30 sec standing 30 sec seated.

C/D: If you have extra time ok to add more endurance to end of this session

Sample Day 3

Easy CX Spin with 2 sets of Running HIlls/Stairs

Ride your CX bike nice and easy to a short hill or set of stairs. Dismount at bottom of hill and do 20 jumping jacks before starting the main set

MS: 2 sets of 5 x 20 second Hill Repeats
Run at 85% Race Pace up the Hill for 20 secs (no bike - leave it at the bottom!)
WALK down the hill
Repeat 4 more times for the 1st set
Spin easy 10 mins and do another 20 jumping jacks before the second set.
5 x 20 sec 85% hill repeats
Spin Home and Roll out your Legs and stretch

Sample Day 4

OTB Quick Core 1

1-3 rounds of Walking Planks (10 - 15 steps) 15 trunk twists 15 dead bugs 10 - 15 wall slides.

Sample Day 4

Cross Specific Drill Ride - Obstacles

60 Minutes. Goal today is get out and do a cross specific ride. You're not trying to ride hard, but you are riding that cross bike over terrain that mimics your local cross race course

Durring the ride - find some obstacles and do 6-8 practice sets over them.

The rest of the time you're riding at high cadence and moderate load on a cross specific course (find a park, find some sand, find some short hills...)

When you get home be sure to do the OTB core work!

Sample Day 5

Threshold Test to set your zones

This levels for this plan are based on either your Functional Threshold Heartrate (FTHR) or your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) if you already know this information you can skip this test and enjoy one more day of unstructured riding.

For full protocol and links to zone calculator,
are attached - click on the paper clip above for instructions.

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