12 week Cyclocross (CX) Training w/ bonus strength plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:00

Updated! Get ready for the race season with a 12 week Cyclocross plan that will challenge and preprare both beginner to advanced cyclists. This plan includes a bonus strength plan designed especially for CX "Bonk-Lifts." Get ready to progessively build your FTP, VO2 and race specific intensity. Includes cross skills and drills, race simulations, starts, sprints and more!

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Sample Day 1
CX - Core/abs work

A strong and stable core is extemely important when it comes to cyclocross. Please choose 6 core exercises (your choice) and do as supersets.  Track exercise and reps in Training Peaks notes.

Superset example.

Superset 1) Exercise 1 & 2 x 3 sets
Superset 2) Exercise 3 & 4 x 3 sets
Superset 3) Exercise 5 & 6 x 3 sets

Sample exercises (not an exhaustive list)

Side Plank
1/2 Turkish Get-ups
Leg lifts
Mountain Climbers
Bear Walks

Sample Day 1
CX Strength Program aka "Bonk Proof Lifts"

Designed to get you strong for the race season ahead! 

Email coach@bonkwerx.com for plan if not attached.  
See program: alternate A and B days, do up to 2 times a week.
- Warm up properly with 1 to 2 light sets of each exercise.
- None of these sets are taken to failure. This isn't a bodybuilding program, but one designed to increase progressive strength. 
-Your goal is to increase the weight you lift by 2 1/2 - 5 pounds each workout once you are able to do complete all sets/reps.
- If you can not reach all reps for all sets - lower the weight
- Starting weight is normally 40-50% of 1 rep max.
- Focus on good form first,

Sample Day 2
CX - Sub threshold

Let's start out making sure your aerobic engine is ready to purr and not sputter!

Do on CX bike, MTB or Fat Bike.

Warm up:
5-10 mins, ride in Zone 2 / 85 rpm+.
Include 5 minutes in Zone 3 / 90-100 rpm.
Main set:
Perform 1 x 90-120 minute ride continuously at sub-threshold intensity - (high z3/ low z4) intervals.

Use a self selected cadence, but don't grind it away!
Any remaining time ride in Zone 2

Sample Day 3
CX Skills and Drill +25

CX requires that skills and technique are second nature. Get after the skills and drills and it will pay off come race day!
Practice CX skills & drills 
25 - mounts/dismounts
10 - standing starts. Try out different gearing, starting crank position and clipping in.
25 - suit case lifts. This is lifting you bike up and setting it down as you would when lifting it over a barrier. Right arm should be in front of saddle, not over it.

Sample Day 3
Run on Feel - Short

What? I have to run for CX? Yes! But we'll keep it short and to the point!
For cross we will keep the running simple. Get a short run in of approximately 10-15 mins. Focus on good form and smooth rhythmic breathing. Run on trails/off road and in CX shoes/cleats if possible.

Sample Day 4
Cross Overs 2x15

Let's keep tuning that aerobic engine above and below threshold!
Cross over workout is designed to alternate between a VO2 (Zone 5) and sub-threshold intensity (Zone 3).
Warm up:
15 mins in Zone 2 at ~85 rpm+.  
Include 5 minutes in Zone 3 90+ rpm.
Main Set:
Perform 2 x 15 minute Cross Over intervals 
85-90 rpm.
During the interval you will alternate 2 mins at sub-threshold and then 2 mins at VO2 for the entire interval (15 mins)
Ride easy for 10 minutes between intervals.
Cool down:
5 mins of easy spinning

Sample Day 5
Ride on Feel (ROF)

As we build over the 12 weeks let remember to have fun on the bike in between structured workouts!
Today go out and ride on how you feel. Do this on your CX, SSCX, Mt., Fat or Road. Try to minimize any time above Zone 4.

Noel Bonk
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