Cyclocross Prep & Race 8 Week Beginner

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Cyclocross Prep & Race 8 Week Beginner


Hunter Allen & Peaks Coaching Group

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 1 Custom, 8 Bike, 1 Run, 2 Day Off, 2 Race

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling cyclocross beginner power based tss based

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This training plan is made for cyclists who train with power, heart rate, or perceived exertion. We have provided an eBook on the first day of the plan that contains testing protocol and explains how to set your training zones within TrainingPeaks. That will allow you to know exactly where you are starting with the plan and provide the correct information for testing in the future.

This is for the cyclocross rider with 6-10 hours a week to train. Note that on the weekends (Friday - Sunday) you will have multiple workouts listed. You need to choose ONE option based on your race schedule. Also note that because of the options, your time listed at the end of the week will appear higher.

This plan is a great way to get you involved in the sport, to learn more about it and to be ready for the racing season.

This is the plan for you if you would like a bit of instruction and are not afraid of doing some hard work and getting muddy.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:39

Hunter Allen

Peaks Coaching Group, Inc.

Our coaches are the experts in training with a power meter and data analysis. If you are looking for the best, then Peaks Coaching Group will exceed your expectations and help maximize your training time. We also can help you with race tactics, nutrition, power training, skill development and we also have 4-6 cycling camps each year.

We have many service levels that we offer. Please see detailed descriptions on We also consulting and provide custom coaching weekends.

Sample Day 1

FTP 3 x 10 with NP Bursts 5 x :15 (1:15)

WU: 15 minutes working into Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) with 4 x 1-minute fast pedals to wake up legs.
MS1: FTP Builder Intervals. Complete 3 x 10 minute FTP Intervals in your LOW FTP Zone (Power Z4, HR Z4, RPE 4-5) with 5 minutes of rest between the intervals. During each interval add in 5 “burst sprints” of 15 seconds each at 150% of FTP. When not completing the intervals, ride all other times at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Terrain: Flat to rolling (or steady, low-grade climb if available). Cadence: 85-105.
CD: 15 minutes of easy spinning in your Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2).

Sample Day 2

ENDURANCE Day (1:00) 10' WU/CD

A very casual and good endurance ride. Enjoy the day!

WU: 10 Minutes working into ENDURANCE (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) with 2 x 1 minute Fast Pedals to wake up legs
MS: Today is simple, ride prescribed time at ENDURANCE (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Vary cadence throughout ride and work on pedaling form. Practice “coming over the top” and “pulling through the bottom” of the pedal (pretend there is glass in shoes). Enjoy the day!! Terrain: Flat to Rolling; Cadence: 85 - 105.
CD: 15 minutes of easy pedaling at ACTIVE RECOVERY (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2) .

Sample Day 2

CX Run "Brick"

Immediately following the bike workout, run at a steady pace for the prescribed time. This should be done on grass and in cyclo-cross shoes or sneakers.

Sample Day 3

FTP 4 x 10 & VO2 3 x 2 (1:50) 10' WU 5' CD

WU: 15 minutes working into your Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Then complete 3 sets of 1-minute fast pedals with 1-minute rests between to open up legs.
MS1: Once warmed up, complete 4 x 10 minutes at your FTP (Power Z4, HR Z4, RPE 4-5). Rest for 5 minutes between each effort at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Ride for 10 minutes at Endurance and continue onto MS2:
MS2: Complete 3 x 2 minutes at VO2Max (Power Z5, HR Z5, RPE 6-7) with 3 minutes rest in between each at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3).
CD: 10 minutes of easy pedaling in Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2)

Sample Day 4


MS: Today is an Active Recovery day targeting ONLY (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2). Focus on relaxing on the bike and enjoying the ride. If you have to climb some hills try to use easier gear and spin easy. Today is about recovery, so go for easy spin!

Sample Day 4

CX Running Hill Sprints

Cross sprints! Find a steep grass-covered hill of 20-30 meters, hopefully part of your local training course. Immediately following the main-sets of your bicycle workout, complete 5 sprint intervals uphill, carrying your bike. Practice getting the knees high and maintaining good balance with the bike.

Sample Day 5

ENDURANCE & TEMPO 1 x 30 (2:00) 10' WU/CD

WU: 10 Minutes working into ENDURANCE (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Then complete 3 sets of 1 Minute fast pedals with 1 minute rest in-between to open up legs
MS: Building Endurance today! Once warmed up, ride at ENDURANCE (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) over flat to rolling terrain. Focus on staying relaxed on the bike and spinning circles while keeping cadence between 90-100. During the last hour of the ride complete one 30 minute effort at TEMPO (Power Z3, HR Z3, RPE 3-4) using a gear that results in a cadence of 75-85. Complete the TEMPO effort as close to the end of the ride as possible while still allowing 10 minutes for cool down.
CD: 10 minutes of easy pedaling at ACTIVE RECOVERY (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2) .

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