TP007 Get ready for the cyclocross season | 6 weeks | 6 Hours


James Walsgrove

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike

Longest Workout

2:34 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling cyclocross beginner intermediate advanced power based

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This 6 week training plan has all the cycling workouts needed to get you ready for the start of the cyclocross season or a target event. The plan has a mix of longer endurance rides at the weekend with higher intensity workouts to be completed mid week on the turbo. Power figures will be quoted for the turbo sessions and heart rate for the longer road rides.

For best results you should have already completed around 8-12weeks of good base training before starting this plan.

The plan is designed to start on a Monday although can be adapted to fit in with your training availability and all or part can be re-used for further events.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:11

James Walsgrove

Ride Harder

Here at Ride Harder we are dedicated to making you faster on the bike through bike fitting, testing, training plans and coaching. I believe that a coach benefits every athlete regardless of their ability. A cycling coach is not just for the Pro's!

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Sample Day 1


To get started with the plan it is important to make sure your zones are up to date. Be aware that the figures given for the intervals will be based on what you already have in your zone settings and may or may not be accurate.
-This test will set your Functional Threshold Power along with an idea of what your v02 max power is. The numbers are based on your current settings so use them as a guide to start interval with but the idea is to try and increase on the numbers. If this is your first time then you will need to gauge the effort for each interval.-
Press lap button for the 2 efforts marked with a *

15min WU
3x1min high cadence efforts 100rpm+, 1min RI
5min Easy
*5min - All out effort trying to have a controlled pace for the entire interval.
10min - Easy
*20min - Time Trial effort. Don't go out too hard and try to maintain power for entire interval, give it all in the last 5min
10min Cool Down

Sample Day 2

Speed Skills - W8 Cadence bursts

Cadence drills are designed to help improve your pedalling and teach your neuromuscular system to increase leg speed when needed.
This is a great session that works the system over a variety of short duration times. Don't worry about the exact power quoted as we are more concerned about the cadence figure.

Sample Day 3

Anaerobic - W1 20/40s

Anaerobic efforts are very intense, short hard efforts lasting anything between 10sec and 2mins at the absolute max. These are much higher intensity than your V02 efforts and will help any looking to road/crit race but do have some benefit for a steady state athlete.
This session is done in blocks of 5min at time with long recoveries. This should be a sustainable max so looking to complete the entire number of reps.

Sample Day 5

Sweet spot - W5 Strength/Cadence

Sweet Spot is a term used for the zone just below your threshold @ 88-93% of FTP. This zone has been proven to given you the same gains as training at threshold but with less fatigue meaning you can train for longer periods and recover faster.
During this session we will be working at below above your normal cadence level so a great session to build strength on the lover cadence block and try to improve your cadence if you are traditionally a grinder.
Maintain good form throughout and hold a good position on the bike or TT bars if you are using them.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Road - W8 Aerobic Threshold

The purpose of this workout is to improve your aerobic endurance and make you more efficient as a cyclist. 
Your aerobic threshold is around 80-85% of your threshold which should be the top end of zone2. This is where you will burn the most fat but using that as fuel for your ride so a very important zone for any endurance athlete
The idea is to stay in HR Zone2 for the entire ride. Go as slow as needed on the hills to make sure HR does not go over Z2. It will seem slow when you first start doing these rides but you will become faster.

Sample Day 8

Sweet spot - W6 VO2 (30sec)

VO2 max is the the maximal rate of whole-body oxygen uptake than can be achieved during exercise so is basically the ceiling of your aerobic fitness. Doing intervals at this intensity will help increase your power production at that intensity.
This session is great as limits your recovery and teaches your muscles to preform at higher intensity on tired legs.

Sample Day 9

Speed Skills - W3 Cadence pyramid

Cadence drills are designed to help improve your pedalling. During the intervals don't worry about power or HR but concentrate on good form trying not to bounce on the saddle and build the cadence steadily which will help.
Choose an easy gear for the first interval and make it harder as you go through the bloke and back down again. Don't worry about the power/Hr during the intervals as we are working on your cadence skills.

TP007 Get ready for the cyclocross season | 6 weeks | 6 Hours

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