Intermediate Cyclocross: Pre Season Base and Prep

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:05
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:05
Training Load By Week

Kick off your cross season smoothly...but not too seriously with this 4 week program designed to get you back on, er off, road. Target efforts are in both power and HR and total weekly volume is 8-10 hours typically.

A good start up program for Junior to Master Intermediate riders (2+ years of riding, 1+ year of racing)

Sample Day 1
CX Ride

W/U: First 10-15min pretty easy! Let heart rate (HR) build gradually

Work: Technique and comfort not the bike are priorities today. Slide around a bit, brake hard, climb loose stuff..have fun!

Sample Day 2
Acceleration Openers

W/U: practice pedaling fast!

Work: Starting from 10mph accelerate smoothly, and progressively more quickly for ranges of 10 - 45 seconds. Lots of rest between efforts. Total time of all accelerations should be at least :
- Beg/Int: 3min
- Int/Adv: 5min

Sample Day 3
Power Profile - Day 1

First day of Power Profile - see PDF for complete description of workout

Sample Day 4
Power Profile Day 2

2nd Test Day of Power Profile - see day 1 PDF for complete instructions.

Sample Day 6
Free Form

Swing a leg across the cross bike and go someplace!

Sample Day 7
Endurance - 1500 KJ's

A moderately paced effort - no sustained threshold or higher! - targeting 1500 Kilojoules of steady state exertion. Think of doing 15-30m blocks of steady state zone 2/3 power...but not higher

Sample Day 8
Cruise Intervals - Power Level 1

Warm up in zones 1 and 2 for the frist 10minutes (only!). Then do 4x10minutes cruising at the top half of Zone 3 power. Rest 5min between each - these are not meant to be "Hard" but a solid race tempo effort. Better to do on flat, fast roads focusing on getting your speed up. Start at the middle of Z3 and slowly increase to no more than the top of Z3 by the end of the interval.

Matt McNamara
Sterling Sports Group

I am one of those coaches who has built their life around cycling. I didn't stumble upon coaching - I have been developing as a coach for over 25 years through competition, education, and experience. I believe in the fundamentals of a sound program and take a whole life approach - incorporating your off the bike life into your training to maximize return and happiness in both!