Betera Coaching CX Game On! 6 Week Race and Recover CX Plan


Sarah Matchett

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 1 Custom, 3 Day Off

Longest Workout

2:09 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling cyclocross intermediate power based

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This plan is for use during the CX racing season. This plan assumes you are racing almost every weekend and is designed to help you structure your week so you manage your fitness while still getting adequate rest and recovery after weekend racing. Alternate workouts are listed for those weekends when you don't have races.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:09

Sarah Matchett

Betera Coaching

USAC Expert Level 1 Coach

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Sample Day 1


If racing on the weekend you are probably feeling pretty sore and tired today. Promote reocvery with a light easy spin today all zone 1!

Choose a flat course and keep pedal pressure light!

Sample Day 3

6x2 min Z6 Hills

WU: 10-15 minutes working into Endurance

MS1: 6 x 2 minutes hills at Z6
Go hard on each of these but save just a bit for the final 15 sec of each interval - stand an accelerate as you power over the top.

Rest 4 min after each
CD: 10 minutes of easy spinning in your Active Recovery

Sample Day 4

Sprints on the 5s

Cadence: 90-110+ rpm

Warm up 10 - 15 misn, Then for the next hour hour do a 10 - 30 second max sprint every 5 mins.

Finish your ride how you feel.

Sample Day 5

CX Openers

Pre-Race Openers

As we get closer to race day - it's time to start figuring out the "opener" that feels best to you. Generally we race better when we do a light right the day before.

An light ride with a few jumps or sprints can help you feel snappy and ready to race. Make this ride your own and practice a few different ones to see what makes you feel the best on race day.

If you have your favorite opener already - use that if not you can try:

15 min warm up

MS1: 2 x 1 min all out 2 min easy
10 min lower Zone 2
MS2: 2 x 30 sec all out 1 min easy
10 min lower Zone 2

MS3: 2-3 race starts from an imaginary start line for 10 seconds.
2 min rest after each

Sample Day 6

Do This if Not Racing!

WU: 10-15 minutes working into Endurance
MS: 1 x 60-minute Tempo effort adding 10 builds to FTP (Power Z4, HR Z4, RPE 4-5) for 30 seconds.
CD: 10-15 minutes with watts at Active Recovery

Sample Day 7

5 min threshold Efforts

Best done on an open field or gravel road. This workout will help you be handle the sustained, repeated threshold efforts during a cross race.
30 minute warm up.

MS: 3x 5 minute efforts going from the upper end of zone 4 and finishing in zone 5 range – Work with a mix of standing and seated. Choose sections of road, gravel of grass for these efforts.
10 minute recovery between each in zone 1/2.
Repeat 3x for a total of 1 hour of efforts and recovery.
30-minute cool down spinning easy practicing some mounts/dismounts.

Sample Day 8

Coffee Shop Ride

A ride to aid recovery and 'keep the legs turning over'. This is not a 'training' ride so effort should be kept very low with most of the ride in zone 1. Use a power meter/HR monitor only to keep a cap on effort and prevent long periods above zone 1. Duration should be short enough that no extra fatigue is accumulated 60 mins MAX!
Coffee stop is not obligatory but highly recommended!

Betera Coaching CX Game On! 6 Week Race and Recover CX Plan

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