The 2 Week Cyclo Cross Taper by Nikki Brammeier

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The 2 Week Cyclo Cross Taper by Nikki Brammeier


Nikki Brammeier


2 Weeks

Typical Week

10 Bike

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling cyclocross beginner intermediate advanced masters multi day power based hr based

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For Major Goal (Saturday race)

Ensure you arrive on the start line in top form - and feeling fresh with this tried and tested Taper routine.

Whatever event you’re targeting, chances are you’ve been training hard to build your fitness and form for some time.

It's easy to get carried away and train to train hard all the way up to race day but without tapering properly all that hard training could be for nothing. You need to give your body time to rest and recover, so you arrive on the start line as fresh – and fast – as possible. A taper is a reduction in training to ensure you are ready to race on the day of a major event.

As a result, this taper is perhaps the most important part of your entire training plan – if you get the taper wrong then all of that time training could be thrown away. While you won’t want to do a full taper for every event you ride, for your most important goals, it will help you produce your best performance on the day.

This plan provides the correct balance ensuring you lose the fatigue built up during training whilst at the same time not losing any fitness.

At the end of this plan, you will be fit, fresh and ready to race!


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:16

Sample Day 1

1.5 Hrs `Recovery

Easy spin to recovery from the previous weekends racing or training.

Keep the power and HR as low as possible.

Keep cadence at a comfortable pace & include 3-4 high RPM (100+) 20-30 second bursts in the final part of the ride.

Sample Day 2

2 hrs VO2 Max efforts

-20-30 mins easy 
-10 mins warm up @ 70-80% of FTP with 80% 10 second sprints every 2 minutes
-3 x 4 minutes at 120% of FTP with 10mins recovery

Sample Day 3

Speed 20/10

Warm Up: 30 min
5 x 10 second in small gear sprint, max cadence (no shift). Rec 4 min between

Intermittent 20/10

4 x 4 min as 20" hard and 10" easy

Sample Day 3

Short stairs intervals

Short stairs intervals x 10
After a 5 mins light warm up;
-Find a short set of stairs 10-30 steps. Sprint flat out to the top. 
-Recover 2-3 mins between.

Sample Day 4


Accumulate 45-60min at 75% of FTP . Rest of the ride good endurance pace Endurance ride @ 60% FTP.

Sample Day 6

Pre race (home trainer)

After a warm up ; 
1 x 10 minute @ 75% FTP
5 mins Easy
1 x 5 minute @ 85%FTP 
5 mins Easy
3 x 2 minutes @ 100% FTP (3 minutes recovery between) 
5 mins Easy
3 x short 8-10 accelerations out of corners / away from traffic lights.
10 minutes cool down

Sample Day 7

Race pre laps

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