Propello CX 12 Week Base Training Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:08
Training Load By Week

The Propello Cyclo Cross Base Training Plan is aimed at intermediate to advanced CX riders who are looking to develop a strong fitness base for the CX season. It includes 12 weeks of structured and progressive training. The aim of this programme is primarily to build aerobic fitness and to improve fatigue resistance at lower intensities. This provides the foundation for all training to come. The deeper and more extensive a rider's aerobic capabilities the more quality training can be absorbed later in the season. Average weekly training time 7hrs

For CX specific abilities we start to build speed by introducing some higher intensity workouts and controlled sprints. In early season, form and control are more important than trying to aim for super high power numbers.

The two main weekend rides comprise of a road ride with specific drills to mimic CX demands and to build over all sustainable power. The CX skills sessions is also a vital weekly session. Mastering these essential CX skills will save you a lot of time come race day.

The programme has been developed by ABCC Coach Rob Wakefield to build your fitness week on week in an easy to follow format that requires no ongoing coach support beyond initial set up.The training develops all the cycling abilities - aerobic endurance, speed skills, strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity and power. The programme creates a steady improvement in fitness that will have you in excellent shape for the CX race season.

What do you get?

- Initial coach support to help you get going (30 minute consultation)
- Time efficient training programme that is structured, progressive and achievable.
- Three to five workouts per week that can be ridden indoors or outside and rides with suggested drills.
- Suggested power targets and associated training zones.
- Threshold heart rate, power test and training zone calculator.
- All workouts are built in the new workout builder meaning they can be exported to 3rd party applications.
- Propello mailing list for blog articles, training advice, event strategy, nutrition articles and much more...

Sample Day 2
20 Minute Critical power

This test will provide heart rate and power data that we will use to estimate both your threshold heart rate and threshold power or FTP. This data will be used both to set your training zones but also as a performance benchmark.

After you finish your test look at your average power and/or heart rate for the 20 minute time trial and use use 95% of these values to set your Functional Threshold Power FTP and Threshold Heart rate. We advise you to use the Joe Friel for Cycling Heart rate zones and the Coggan power zones.

Sample Day 3
Anaerobic CX Base A

Develop race winning speed with these hard 60 second intervals. These should be undertaken at 9/10 perceived effort. Do not race to get hr up - it will climb that is certain! for those using power the suggested levels are indications only. pace yourself so that you can just get to the end of the session

Sample Day 4
Extensive Aerobic - A

Long duration tempo workout to build extensive aerobic fitness. This should require concentration but not feel too hard.

Sample Day 6
Aerobic Base CX Ride 1

WU: 10 minutes building to upper zone 2 and incorporate some 1 minute high cadence spins

MS1: Ride 30 min Endurance mid pw/hr zone 2

MS2: 30 min Mixed pace Z3 Tempo with 20-30 sec bursts. Aiming for NP in mid Z3

MS3: Ride 30 min Endurance mid pw/hr zone 2

MS4: 30 min Mixed pace Z3 Tempo with 20-30 sec bursts. Aiming for NP in mid Z3

CD: 20 minutes easy spinning

Sample Day 7
CX Skills Session

60min specific CX session off road to develop essential skills. Find a suitable off road course and incorporate the following skills into your ride.

Starts - focusing on gear choice and a quick clip in and acceleration

Dismounts - focusing on a smooth leg swing, grounding and unclip

Shouldering and running - dismount, shoulder and run 20-50m with the bike

Remounts - focusing on just clearing the saddle and clipping in with both feet just after you have made contact with the saddle.

Cornering - practise racing line and late entry (square) turns.

Steep Banks - practise attacking steep banks or hills and carry as much speed as you can into the start.

Mud, sand and rough ground - practise riding in a higher than normal gear, keeping very positive and powering your way through the bad ground

Sample Day 8
Strength, Flexibility, Mobility

Sample Day 9
Tempo Cadence B

Build endurance and strength with these Tempo intervals at mixed cadence ranges to encourage riding at different levels of torque and to get the legs moving faster as you become fatigued. Really focus on pedalling technique and aim to be in zone rather than hit specific wattage targets.

For those using heart rate build slowly to mid zone 3 and then hold that level of intensity - should feel like 6/10 perceived effort.

Robert Wakefield

I am Rob Wakefield, founder and head coach of Propello. I am a level 3 cycling coach and a level 2 certified coach for Training Peaks. If you love cycling and performing amazingly at events you are in the right place.

Our mission is simple - to create a friendly and supportive cycling community through social events, coaching, travel and cycling experiences.