Tour de France 2018

Stage 7 Overview

Fougères to Chartres

Friday, July 13, 2018

Stage Summary

Stage 7 from Fougeres to Chartres is about as straightforward as they come, running inland from east to west over 231 km. A mild 1.5 km Category 4 climb comes in the middle of the day, with an intermediate sprint at 168 km. Watch the break today, as they’re likely to be enjoying some glory while the GC contenders conserve time for the days to come.


Today was a day for the sprinters, with Dylan Groenewegen (TLJ) winning the day after a final battle with second place finisher Fernando Gaviria (QST) and Peter Sagan close behind in third (BOH).


Stage Analysis From Best Bike Split

In this year’s longest stage don’t expect too much excitement from the main contenders. Early breaks will look good for TV coverage, and some could stay away if there is no effort from the group to pull into what would be a typical prevailing head wind. Sprint teams will be eyeing more wins today and tomorrow so there will be some effort to keep breaks in check. Positioning will be important right before the final 2 km point where there is a sharp but not overly technical roundabout before the long stretch to the finish. A lapse in focus after a long day in the saddle could cause a crash or some havoc here.

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