The Sufferfest Training Plans

Suffer With A Purpose

Produced in partnership with Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin at APEX Coaching and Consulting, The Sufferfest training plans deliver maximum benefit for time-crunched cyclists and triathletes. Available for a range of disciplines—including road, cyclocross, xc mountain bike and triathlon—the plans are designed to be used in conjunction with The Sufferfest Training System featuring the advanced workout personalization capabilities of Four-Dimensional Power™. They incorporate a mix of structured indoor Sufferfest workouts and outdoor rides, as well as targeted drills that improve both form and efficiency. Optional yoga sessions help build core strength, speed recovery, develop flexibility, and reduce injury. Unlock your potential as an athlete and find your hidden power with The Sufferfest.

"The Sufferfest / APEX training plans are designed to help you achieve your training and racing goals, using the same four-step progression we use with our elite athletes: Initiate, Recruit, Sustain, Repeat. If you want results, these plans deliver."
- Neal Henderson CEO of APEX Coaching and Consulting