Male Cyclists Training Indoors On Stationary Bike
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Everyone has a goal. We make sure you’re ready for it.

Over two decades ago we were founded on a singular vision: providing a training platform for the world’s most demanding athletes with power – putting insight andprogress within reach. That meant building a stationary bike that wasn’t just reliable, but also precise – precision engineering meets the heavy-duty power and durability.

Wattbike Logo

Trusted by the best

We’re trusted by athletes, coaches, trainers and sports scientists in all sports at the highest levels around the world, whether it’s USA Cycling or the NFL, not to mention every team in football’s prestigious Premier League. Whatever the sport, there’s a Wattbike playing its part in critical training moments, from talent identification through fitness testing, performance progression, rehabilitation and recovery

Atom Wattbike Indoor Trainer

Wattbike Atom

Achieve your goals with the most realistic indoor cycling experience. Unrivalled accuracy, seamless connectivity and customisable gearing for an enhanced real-ride setup. Best for virtual training, structured workouts and climbs.

Wattbike Pro Indoor Trainer

Wattbike Pro/Trainer

Reach your performance gains in the real world, with the industry’s first-ever air bike. Spotted in gyms around the globe, the Wattbike Pro and Trainer allow for the purest and most precise form of indoor training. Best for interval sessions, performance testing, and rehabilitation programmes.

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