Getting Ready for 2021

‘Training-to-Train’ will be the most important phrase you will come to understand as you learn to train the correct way. No matter what your ability or race distance is - this concept is what you should put into effect with your training strategy ahead of your race-specific training. It is the perfect strategy to follow right now as we are waiting for races to return in 2021.

D3 Founder and Head Coach Mike Ricci Explains "Training-to-Train"

If you would like further information about this concept learn more here.

5 Step Success Formula


Using his 30 years of coaching experience, his USAT Level III (1 of only 23 in the US) and his Training Peaks Level II knowledge Coach Mike has carefully designed these plans so you will gain substantial confidence knowing that you are doing the: 

  • correct training,
  • eliminating weaknesses, 
  • building on strengths, and 
  • making the most of your training with time-efficient workouts 
  • so you will be prepared and ready-to-go for your race-specific training. 


Training Plans

Our plans have helped athletes of all abilities reach their goals, achieve their dreams, and stand on podiums they never thought were possible.  Our testimonials tell the story, but you have to experience the difference for yourself.  

These are the BEST plans we have for this type of specific training, and they are now put together in four tracks to help set you up for your race-specific training in 2021.  They are good for all abilities and will help you get ready for race-specific training in all distances. 



(1) The ‘Strong Swimmer’ track is only 2 plans as you can use the last 4 weeks of your weaker sport and repeat it for the final weeks of the program.

(2) The ‘Strong Biker’ and ‘Strong Runner’ track has 12 weeks of swimming and those 12 weeks will include appropriate bike and run workouts as well.



Save With Multiple Plans

SAVE: Buy 2 plans and get the 3rd one 50% off. You must purchase the first 2 plans together and then purchase the 3rd plan within 30 days. Plus, finish your third plan and we will send you additional savings information on a 16 week (or greater) race-specific plan! 


TIP: In order to determine your strengths vs weaknesses we suggest you look back at past race results and see where you finished in relation to the field. This is a great starting point to understanding where you need to improve, in general. 


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