TrainingPeaks and Technogym

Make your running workouts seamless with the integration of TrainingPeaks and Technogym. There’s no need to manually adjust your treadmill anymore — Tecnhogym’s smart equipment automatically modifies based on your TrainingPeaks session.

Technogym MyRun: Replicate Your TrainingPeaks Running Workouts

With Technogym’s MyRun treadmill and LIVE app, it’s now possible to automatically replicate the speed and grade of each step of your TrainingPeaks workout*. After completing each session, your workout data is automatically uploaded to TrainingPeaks for you to review with your coach. Once you link your TrainingPeaks and Technogym accounts, you’ll be able to sync your workout from your LIVE app on the day of your scheduled training session.

You can link your Technogym and TrainingPeaks account directly on the:

  • Technogym Live app of your Myrun  > Settings  > Connections 
  • Technogym APP  > Profile  > Settings  > Connect Apps
  • Technogym Mywellness website, clicking on the link below

* Please note that workouts based on RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion), % FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and mixed distance/time are not compatible with Technogym MyRun yet.

Link Accounts