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Whether you’re an elite athlete, a cycling coach, or are new to the sport, get the tools you need to reach your goals with TrainingPeaks. We’ve created the world’s most powerful athlete and coaching software to help you streamline your planning, analyze your data, and track your progress. Use the same training software as Singapore Cycling to accelerate your performance goals.

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Unlock Your Athlete Benefits

 As a Singapore Cycling member, you’re eligible to receive 20% off an annual TrainingPeaks Premium subscription! To get started, check your Singapore Cycling member rewards page for your promo code and click the button below to sign up. You can also get started for free with a Basic account.

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Unlock Your Coach Benefits

All certified Singapore Cycling coaches are eligible to receive 20% off their monthly TrainingPeaks Unlimited subscription. That means you can start using TrainingPeaks for less than $40 USD a month. To get started, please email with your coaching certificate attached. All new coach accounts include a 7-day free trial.