Hexis And Trainingpeaks
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Fuel Your Unique Potential

Automatically turn your TrainingPeaks workouts into personalized nutrition plans. Built on the foundations of the latest scientific research and designed to optimize your performance and accelerate recovery.

Hexis Athlete App

Nutrition Plans Tailored To Every Workout

Access 24/7 nutrition support precisely tailored to your TrainingPeaks plan. While traditional methods focus on tracking your nutrition, Hexis predicts how you should fuel. Their unique Carb Coding™ system goes beyond tracking by personalizing and periodizing your nutrition, optimizing performance, and accelerating recovery.

Hexis Coach Hub

Maximize Your Coaching Efficiency

Revolutionize your coaching approach with Hexis. By integrating our platform into your practice, you’ll streamline your workflow, save time and unlocking new revenue streams. All while providing athletes with personalized nutrition plans tailored to your TrainingPeaks plans, ensuring they receive 24/7 support to optimize their performance and recovery.