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Landing on all 5 continents, the series reaches across the world, with the most expansive international calendar for the global gravel community.The 2023 Gran Fondo World Tour ® GRAVEL series features a plethora of gravel events that celebrate the Wild West spirit of Gravel Racing, Bikepacking and Adventure. Gravel is now the fastest growing genre in cycling with a huge increase in the number of participants (and events) worldwide.

Gran Fondo World Tour

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As a Gran Fondo World Tour ® Series participant, you will receive 20% off your TrainingPeaks Premium subscription, unlocking the world’s most advanced training software and giving you the freedom to adjust training to fit your schedule and demands. Simply create your free account, which includes a 14-day Premium free trial and use the provided code to claim your GFWT discount.

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Dennis van Winden

Performance Coach and Trainer Ambassador, GFWT® Gravel Series

“Gravel started first as adventure during my active career. When I started to compete gravel in the U.S. I felt there was an entire community out there, racing having fun and making memories.

There are many epic gravel destinations all over the world they all have one thing in common. You need to be prepared! Train yourself physically and mentally, think outside the box. Gravel is so much fun and great for making friends and memories!”

Dennis Van Winden