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Make GFNY Your ‘A’ Race This Year

TrainingPeaks is now the official training partner of Gran Fondo New York! With events in 32 global destinations, GFNY hosts challenging races for adventurous cyclists in stunning locales. Find training plans by GFNY coaches custom built for specific race types.

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Unlock Your GFNY Benefits

GFNY has partnered with TrainingPeaks to offer you 20% off TrainingPeaks Premium! To get started, click the button below to receive a 20% discount on an annual subscription.

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GFNY Plans Powered by TrainingPeaks

All official GFNY training plans are run through TrainingPeaks, allowing you to plan, track and analyze your training with the platform trusted by the world’s best cyclists. With TrainingPeaks, you can quickly upload training data, sync workouts with your favorite device, add notes and make informed decisions about your training.

GFNY Training Plans

TrainingPeaks is home to the official training plans for GFNY cycling events. There are seven unique plans available in English, Spanish and French for every level of rider and type of course you might encounter during a GFNY race. The easy-to-follow plans will help you get started with structured workouts and train smarter to achieve your race day goals. Start your training journey today with plans created by GFNY to help you have your best race!