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Take Your Training To the Next Level

See your TrainingPeaks workouts as you swim.

TrainingPeaks Workout Integration

Workouts automatically sync to FORM, Whether your swim is created with the TrainingPeaks building blocks or written in the description box.

Get Faster With FORM

Unlock the power of data and shave seconds off your pace.

Form Smart Swim Metrics

The Metrics You Need To Improve

Become a better swimmer with real-time metrics, see pace, stroke rate, stroke count and more.

Track Your Progress With Form

Track Your Progress

Get a detailed post-swim analysis in-app. See where you can make improvements and track your progress.

Form Workouts Goggle And Phone View

  • 1,500+ In-Goggle Guided Workouts
    Instruction ⁠as you swim—it’s like having a coach with you underwater.
  • Endless Customization
    Import workouts from TrainingPeaks, create your own, or edit one of ours.

Effortlessly Connect to TrainingPeaks

Step 1 Connect


Connect to TrainingPeaks. Even if you have done this in the past, you’ll need to disconnect and reconnect to start using this feature.

Step 2 Review And Edit

Review & Edit

TrainingPeaks workouts automatically sync as drafts in the “My Imports.” Review, edit, approve and save the draft. It then automatically syncs to your goggles.

Swim User Experience With Form


Once reviewed and saved, find workouts in your goggles in “My Imports”. Press “Start” and go for it.