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Nail Your Nutrition. Peak Your Performance.

Get the most out of your training and races by tracking your carbohydrate burn and intake in real time with EatMyRide. Your glycogen will never run low again, allowing you to maximize recovery and perform your best. The EatMyRide app now integrates with TrainingPeaks.

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Personalized Nutrition Based on Your Needs

The EatMyRide app tells you exactly how much nutrition you need, when, and why. All you need to do is to sync your device and TrainingPeaks. New users enjoy a 14-day free trial period to all Premium features, such as:

  • Nutrition plans based on your personal metabolic values such as FTP and VO2Max
  • Nutrition plans based on your (planned) workout
  • Evaluate your training and nutrition afterwards to learn
      and improve 
  • Track your intake and monitor your glycogen on your
      fitness device
Eat My Ride Athlete Quote

“I Wish I Found This Sooner”

“The EatMyRide tool has elevated the quality of my training to another level. It has left me with the feeling of  ‘I wish I had found this sooner.’

It is very simple to setup using the Garmin IQ app and your garmin device. It displays real time insight to how you are fueling your training and races that can be customized to match your needs. It has allowed me to execute fueling strategies to the gram and better understand nutrition periodization as a whole. The app is easy to use and analyze your fueling afterwards.

The app has some really interesting features such as the personal metabolism, glycogen, and race ready metrics that will evolve when given enough personal data that will become even more beneficial.”

—  Magnus Sheffield, INEOS Grenadiers Cycling Team