Boundless Coaching

Boundless Coaching

Conquer Leadville With Boundless Coaching Tailored Training Plans

Boundless Coaching can prepare you for any Endurance feat. Our tailored training plans, delivered through the best in class app – TrainingPeaks – are designed to guide you, push your limits, and help you achieve success no matter where you are on your training journey. Expert coaching, unrivaled experience on the Leadville courses, and training that caters to your needs make these plans a no-brainer for anyone looking to compete in Leadville, or simply enjoy their first race day experience.

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As a Boundless athlete, you will receive 20% off your TrainingPeaks Premium subscription, unlocking the world’s most advanced training software and giving you the freedom to adjust training to fit your schedule and demands. Simply create your free account, which includes a 14-day Premium free trial and use the provided code to claim your Boundless discount.

Boundless Coaching

Boundless Coaches

Welcome to Boundless Coaching, where we are dedicated to changing lives through the process of training for endurance events.  We help individuals achieve their goals and transform their lives by providing best in class coaching and support for endurance events. We take pride in our amazing team of coaches, who bring together the perfect combination of education, experience, and passion to help our athletes succeed.