Chapter Three
4 Weeks Out From Race Day

4 Weeks Out From Race Day:
Tapering and Equipment Maintenance

Chapter Four

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through some tough big days of IRONMAN training, possibly a few setbacks, and now you are on your way to the starting line. From this point forward, it’s important to remember that from a fitness perspective, there is nothing you can do (think last-ditch effort training sessions) that will make any noticeable gains in your performance level.

On the flip side, there are many things you can do to arrive on race day fatigued and not ready to race at your best. This is where a good IRONMAN race taper comes in. Tapering is an art form in itself. It is mentally and physically challenging—but worth it. Instead of doing junk mileage, take these last few weeks to ensure your equipment is in good working order and your race travel logistics are all tied up.

“Over the years I’ve seen many athletes not achieve their full potential in races because they failed to execute a proper IRONMAN taper. I’ve witnessed triathletes who have not backed off enough and were tired and flat at the event; I’ve also seen those who have dialed back their training far too much, and dulled the fitness that they had taken months to hone.”

Dave Scott, 6x IRONMAN world champion & coach