Chapter Two
2-3 Months Out From Race Day

2-3 Months Out From Race Day:
Race Specificity Training and Staying Motivated

Chapter Three

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Now that you’ve built a strong training foundation and clear fitness benchmarks, you are ready to dive into the real “meat and potatoes” of IRONMAN training. Expect your training hours per week to increase sharply, making time management the key to balancing your racing goals with your other day-to-day priorities.

IRONMAN Weekly Training Hours*:

IRONMAN Weekly Training Hours - 2-3 Months Out
  •  Biking: 6-10 hours/week
  •  Swimming: 4-6 hours/week
  •  Running: 4-7 hours/week

*These totals will vary greatly depending on your triathlon experience, age, and fitness level. Always defer to a coach for the most effective training results.

Take a deep breath and enjoy how far you’ve come. Now is the time to get laser-focused with your training and mimic the conditions, mileage, and your nutrition strategy as closely as possible with what you’ll encounter on race day.

Tune-up races are a great opportunity to do this, just be clear on what your goals are for these types of races and stick to them. This is also when you might experience some slight overuse pains or sometimes even full-blown injuries. Relax, and do what is necessary to rest, heal, or push onward carefully.

“Find opportunities during your training months to become mentally tough. Working out in bad weather for example. I had to ride 20 miles on a flat tire during one of my long training rides—it was the best training I could have had. Being mentally tough will save your day and get you across that finish line.”

P. Dunn, IRONMAN Lake Placid finisher

“A common mistake I see athletes make is not really training specifically for what they want to accomplish. I find many athletes do this because they are not aware of what their specificity really is. If you’re an IRONMAN triathlete, you need to prepare for a large, single-day stress, not a series of stressful days in a row, beating you down.”

Jim Vance , Coach

“In my first IRONMAN I went in without a nutrition or hydration plan whatsoever. The only thing I planned to do was drink a lot and grab a banana whenever I saw one. Somehow I survived. But now I go in with a much better plan because you need more than dumb luck to get through with a smile on your face.”

Greg L., IRONMAN Lake Placid Finisher