Chapter Five
Race Day

Race Day:
What to Expect Throughout Your Big Day

Chapter Six

14 Minute Read

Take a deep breath as you approach the starting line, glance over at the finish line and prepare yourself for a fun, challenging journey between these two points. From the moment you wake up to the second you cross that finish line, your timing and pacing will be paramount for success. We’ll take you through this entire amazing day, from what to eat when you wake up, to how to navigate T1, as well as what to expect during each leg of the race.

“IRONMAN can change your life if you let it. I wish someone gave me the same advice that I was given before my wedding day: make sure you take the time to take everything in. Don't just put your head down and think only about racing—find moments to just be proud of yourself.”

Laurie M., 2 x IRONMAN Arizona Finisher