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If you are looking to jump into the world of training and maximizing your power meter to go faster and/or longer, then I can help you. Whether it is training to race or training to beat your buddies on the local ride, I can help you improve and reach your goals. None of us are racing professionally so I understand that life happens and the need to have flexible training that still works for you and your schedule.


I was an elite high school athlete and played Division I college baseball. I continued to play men's ice hockey after college to keep that competitive spirit flowing. More recently, I have been racing bicycles competitively. I have been racing since 2013. As a relative newcomer to this sport, I feel that I am particularly well-suited to help athletes bridge that gap and take their first step into training with a purpose. The experts before me have done the heavy lifting and science to figure out ways to maximize training efforts and produce consistent results. The evolution of the power meter has significantly improved and simplified how we train and get maximum results. I have benefitted from great coaches who taught me how to train and have seen very positive results. I have gone from recreational bike rider to a competitive Masters racer in a relatively short time. In a mere 3 years I went from beginner Cat. 5 to Cat. 3 and have been on the podium in Masters races with Cat. 1,2 &3 racers. I want to share my passion for this sport and everything I have learned about taking those first steps into training with purpose while maintaining a healthy life balance.


Canton, CT
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels



1-on-1 Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching

Sport Types

Triathlon, Road Cycling



Athlete Requirements

You will need a bicycle power meter


Canton, CT
United States