Valley to Peak Endurance
Valley to Peak Endurance Valley to Peak Endurance
Valley to Peak Endurance
Valley to Peak Endurance Valley to Peak Endurance

Winthrop, WA , United States



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Valley to Peak Endurance
Valley to Peak Endurance Valley to Peak Endurance
Winthrop, WA United States 98862
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Valley to Peak Endurance specializes in coaching for running and mountain endurance sports. We can help you reach your goals, whether you want to be a consistent runner for the first time, become and stay injury free, transition to more technical trail running, train for your first ultra, PR a race, hike a long-distance trail, build the strength and endurance to climb mountains, see how far your body and mind can take you in a 100 or 200 mile race, or any other specific and related goal.

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Bri has been a recreational and competitive runner for 12+ years. Early on, she struggled with constant injury and pain, but had a deep passion for running and wasn't willing to give up; injuries don't just "appear" for no reason, and if there is a reason, there must be a way to fix it.
Around 2011, Bri began a journey which changed her life; she was determined to self-heal her ailments, so she delved into the subjects of running biomechanics, physiology, mindfulness, as well as anything she could get her hands on to help her break the injury cycle. Bri also switched her major to Exercise and Sports Science, and spent most of her waking hours studying running related topics, then getting out to practice it. Gradually, she saw improvement and was eventually running pain-free.
Around that time she hiked the Arizona and Pacific Crest Trails which helped her build a strong base of aerobic endurance. Finally, she knew that she was ready to give longer races a shot, and in early 2016 ran her first 50k race. Since then, Bri has finished 2-3 ultra-distance races per year in addition to countless self-supported and usually solo 30+ mile days through her home mountains of the North Cascades.
Through her story of going from injury-prone to injury-free, Bri is driven to help others find their own success story in running and mountain endurance, whatever that may look like. She believes that not only can it be pain free, but it can be the most freeing experience of your life.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Winthrop, WA
United States