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Dr. Patterson Toy   Peak Performance Performance Coaching and Physical Therapy for Runners and Triathletes


Columbus , OH
United States



Sport Types

Triathlon, Running, Duathlon, IRONMAN, XTERRA, Personal Training, High School Cross Country

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Erika Patterson Toy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and USA Triathlon certified coach. Athletes that choose to work with us have a distinct advantage. Erika realizes that training is an art and science. Programs are written with great understanding of the anatomy, physiology, tissue loading principles, and combined with years of personal experience training/competing in endurance sports. If aches/pains or old injuries surface a coach that is also a DPT means pivoting without disrupting training.

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Dr. Erika Patterson Toy earned her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from the University of Dayton. Erika is an APTA board certified orthopedic specialist and carries additional certificates in manual therapy, dry needling, and a USAT certified coach. She brings 13 years of experience working with endurance and multisport athletes designing plans that optimize performance while also minimizing risk of injury. If aches/pains or old injuries resurface, having a coach that is also a physical therapist means we can apply the most recent, evidence based, research and pivot on a moments notice without disrupting training. We won't tell you to stop training. We know rest is rarely the answer that will fix the problem.

We believe in a team based, comprehensive, and holistic approach. We realize training is more than exercise, and our reach extends beyond the gym. We'll help establish realistic and holistic goals + habits. We'll help you find effective strategies that produce meaningful results in a timely, cost-effective, and autonomous manner.

We encouraged and welcome frequent and regular communication between coach and athlete. Athletes have access to coaches seven days a week.You'll be an equal partner in the development of your athletic abilities. You will always know the direction of your training and race plan. We value your time. We can't wait to help you reach your peak performance.


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Columbus , OH
United States