Patrick Stoddard   Transitions Endurance

I coach athletes of all skill level and distance with a focus on the swim.

I offer a wide range of services to those looking to start their triathlon career or are just looking for a nudge in the right direction.

Please feel free to contact me for services and prices.


Coach Patrick is a USA Triathlon Level 1 certified coach who initially found his love for competition in the rock climbing arena and was ranked first in the region in 2001. Always having a fondness for the outdoors, Patrick worked as a kayaking and rock climbing guide/instructor for Texas A&M University from 2004-2007. Gaining his only running experience from an unenthusiastic coach in Junior High cross country, Patrick never developed the joy that could be found in the sport and for years used the excuse of “I only run when chased” or “I can’t run, I have bad knees.” Already having a passion for being outdoors, mountain biking was already a regular activity but it wasn’t until the opportunity to race his first triathlon for free under a sponsorship that Patrick started seriously training and caught the bug for racing. From there Coach Patrick has participated the relaxed road rally to trail races and triathlons from the sprint to the Ironman distance.


College Station, TX
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Mental Skills, Swim Analysis

Sport Types

Triathlon, Road Cycling, Running, Duathlon, Swimming




College Station, TX
United States