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Clare is a running coach who specialises in trail/mountain/fell running. With its growing popularity off road running is becoming a sport for all people of various fitness levels. Clare loves to work with people to help them succeed at their own goals; whether that's a personal best, a completion or a podium. Clare will work with you to design a plan that fits in with your day to day life and helps you get the most out of each session.


My own running career began when I was working in a disabled unit prior to university to be fit enough to get to emergencies. I ran two to three times a week to keep fit and because I enjoyed running and its relaxing effects.

In my third year at university I began training to complete the Great North Run with a friend for charity. I did not have a clue what to do, had never heard of running clubs and the internet was still in its very early stages. I just went out and ran three times a week and was pleased to finish in under two hours.

After university a friend introduced me to the local running club and I decided that the next stage was to run a marathon. A disappointing time led me to chatting to more experienced runners who introduced me to more structured training.

I was now training up to five times per week including two or three speed sessions. I would have periods of good racing and periods where I was exhausted and had to rest. At this time I met and began working with my first coach; this was an eye opening experience! I had always thought that coaches were for professional athletes. I soon came to appreciate the value of an objective eye - and ran some of my very best races by learning what motivated me and the importance of balancing hard training with rest/easy days.

After 15 years of working as a Probation Officer I have decided to combine my two life passions: working with people to make their lives better and running.



Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


1-on-1 Coaching, Remote Coaching, Mental Skills, Training Camps

Sport Types

Running, Corporate Wellness


English, French


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