Tim Kelly   Run Bike Endurance Coach

I specialise in improving the health and performance of new and intermediate runners and cyclists, achieved through a structured, supported and goal-oriented long-term plan, that does not cut corners.

I never had a Coach:

  1. I'd have set goals - which meant I lacked direction
  2. Probably wouldn't have overtrained - and under-performed
  3. Wouldn't have lost my focus - by trying to do everything
  4. Received encouragement - and maintained motivation
  5. Maybe I'd have just done much better!


I'm an experienced offroad runner, road and cyclocross cyclist with a background in the outdoor environment. Long standing interest in training methods. Had most success following the periodised approach of a guy called Rob Sleamaker outlined in his book 'Serious Training for Serious Athletes'. It taught me a lot. I became more interested in the science, training by heart rate; and later power on the watt bike. Now I'm all about building the base, The Lydiard Approach.

I am a big fan of training by feel. It's hard to imagine but when I raced I always took my watch off because time, route, heart rate - everything, was not as important as beating fellow competitors. Once experienced it is amazing how accurately you can train in the required zones.

I've followed the time-effective training developments and agree there is something in it but if you look at experienced athletes, you will find evidence of an aerobic base, upon which intensity is built. I would not recommend this for beginners or intermediates simply because it does not provide sustainable health or the endurance to really last. However, training has to fit your availability and is always a consideration.

I'm interested in sustainable health - often ignored by amateur runners and cyclists in pursuit of performance. To ignore this invites damage to your physical or mental health. Remember, you have to fit training into your life and life should have a balance of its own.

Love Running. Love Cycling. Love Life!


United Kingdom

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


1-on-1 Coaching, Remote Coaching

Sport Types

Road Cycling, Running, Cyclocross



Athlete Requirements

My main focus is to help anyone new to running and/or cycling; or those with some experience, who want to improve, but aren't sure how. I can help you guys!


United Kingdom