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Coach John
Coach John Thrive 40
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Our approach at Thrive40 is unique, as we understand first hand what it is like to be 40+ while juggling the stresses and demands of work, parenting, relationships and family.

At thrive40, we focus on getting the results you want in the most minimal time possible.

Thrive40 delivers a holistic approach to personal training, which is cantered around the five principles of strength, endurance, nutrition, lifestyle and recovery.

Join the team today and we will help you “define your life”!

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Like many people, I was a high school athlete and as a young guy I never had to think about diet, health & obesity, but somehow life caught up and over the years I gradually gained weight. Well in my case, that gradual weight gain ended up creating a five foot nine, forty year old, that was weighing 100kg!

Not only was I overweight, I also had high blood pressure, low energy, high cholesterol, was depressed about the way I looked & I was on a crash course to developing countless diseases related to obesity. After years of struggling with fad diets, gimmick supplements, & ineffective exercise programs, I had enough.

I began studying exercise physiology, nutrition, and various training methods and began running. One thing lead to another before he knew it, I had lost over 30kg and was racing half, full and ultra marathon events. Before I knew it, I had become a real life “Fatman To Marathonman”!

Not only did I find a new body during this transformation process, I found a new life. The weight loss & personal insight that I gained from my experience while training and competing in endurance sports, lead me to focus my efforts on helping others to achieve health, strength, sports performance and weight loss.

Over the past few years I have gained great satisfaction in guiding countless men & women in the principles that I discovered through my extensive research and practical application, that resulted in my own transformation.

I look forward help you “define your life”!

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