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Aspiring runners and athletes of all ability levels can learn to improve running efficiency and mental strength through proven Runner's Mindset formula. Personalized coaching and training programs based on current fitness level and goals include nutrition, fueling, training in the heat and other altitude and age adaptations to help runners reach their goals and fit running and training into their busy lives.


I began my competitive endurance sports streak at the age of 30 when I started out training to finish an Olympic distance triathlon. A then resident of Boulder, Colorado, this sports-minded community included a wealth of professional coaches from which to study and learn. I finished my first triathlon in Steamboat, Colo., in 1991 coming in 20 minutes ahead of my target time. It was my “wow” factor — I can do this!

From triathlon I was then lured into distance running. Despite an almost self-defeating 10-mile run in Vail — a seed was planted. Shortly thereafter, an article in Runner’s World magazine showcased a marathon-training program by Benji Durden, a well-known distance running coach. This reduced volume-mileage program seemed within the realm of possibility, and my marathon journey began.

My 30+ year journey has included more than 200 races, ranging from 5Ks and 10Ks to half marathons and marathons as well as more than a dozen sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. Of a total 27 marathons, 20 of these qualified for Boston of which I have run six, including my fastest marathon in 20 years in 2017. I also took on the challenge of one epic three-day TransRockies Run in the summer of 2016.

So how does one go from average to achieving? It’s called “Runner’s Mindset.” This proven formula can help you achieve your goals and find a better balance in life, work and fitness. I look forward to sharing in your journey to greatness.


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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Run Analysis

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Running, Personal Training, Corporate Wellness



Athlete Requirements

Sports watch with GPS, hydration belt


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