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Cape Town
South Africa



Sport Types

Triathlon, Road Cycling, Running, IRONMAN, High School Cross Country, Collegiate Cross Country, Corporate Wellness

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional


As a PhD trained Exercise Scientist, I spent years studying how to improve exercise performance. I use an evidence-based approach to create unique training interventions, applying training principles and techniques straight from the scientific literature to produce the best odds of improving your performance.

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My lifelong interest in endurance sports and exercise performance led me to obtain my PhD in Exercise Science. Studying under Professor Tim Noakes at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa, I investigated how fluid balance impacts temperature regulation and exercise performance. You won't find many others with as a deep a physiological understanding of these topics as me.

In 2007, I co-founded The Science of Sport with Dr. Ross Tucker. We started the site because we recognized the rather large gap between the scientific evidence and how it is (or is not!) applied to sports and sports performances every day. In 2009 we published "The Runner's Body," a popular running book we wrote to help curious runners everywhere learn more about their running.

I am a three-time IM finisher, narrowly missing a Kona slot at IM Wisconsin in 2016 with a 10:13, and have run numerous marathons (2:48 PR) and ultra-marathons (4:01 35 mile PR). Shorter distances? I do those, too, just not very often, and have a sub-35 10k PR and a 1:16 half-marathon best.


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All athletes are potential clients! Contact me to discuss how I can help you with your training and performance goals.

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Cape Town
South Africa