Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter Run Vault Performance
Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter Run Vault Performance

Brisbane , Australia



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Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter Run Vault Performance
Brisbane Australia 4000
Coach Bio

Hi there! I'm Jamie and hail from Brisbane, Australia. I got into serious training in 2005 to prepare for a 24 hour obstacle race in the American Desert. Since then I developed a very keen interest in all aspects of training and preparation for racing and can see how much one can gain from structure and and guidance in training for racing. I practice what I preach and walk the talk. Road, Trail or Obstacle Course Racing.

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My Coaching journey started out of a passion for endurance sports and the desire to help others experience the thrill of training and competing at any level to achieve a sense of total fulfilment.

I currently compete at a high level in endurance running and obstacle racing, winning multiple events and achieving personal breakthroughs. My training is ever evolving and I am learning and growing through reflection of my own training, my athletes, past coaches and mentors. My athletes will never be asked to do an experimental workout, unless they insist!

There needs to be a real purpose to training beyond competing to hit a personal best or podium finish. My philosophy in training is simple, to always be ready and thinking beyond.

I am an advocate of strength training for performance, injury prevention and long term health so you're guaranteed to have me on your toes if you skip leg day.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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