Mary Chestolowski   Rochester Athletic Club

My name is Mary Chestolowski and I have been competitively running since 2003. I was was a young mom with three small children when I began running and gave birth to my fourth during my peak years. I have run in over 100 races including 18 marathons, 22 half marathons, and numerous 10 mile, 11 mile, 10k and 5k races. I have been at or near the top of the majority of the races I've done including top female in two marathons, two half marathons and many of the other distances.


I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and RRCA Running Coach at the Rochester Athletic Club in Rochester, MN. I coach beginning to advanced runners in distances ranging from the 5k to the marathon. The beginners start with a walk/run program and the advanced runners incorporate intervals, hills, tempo and race pace runs. I challenge runners according to their ability to help them accomplish their goals while ensuring a safe and effective program. I incorporate a dynamic warm-up, strength training and stretching to help prevent injury and improve performance.


Rochester, MN
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Run Analysis

Sport Types

Running, Personal Training



Athlete Requirements

I prefer that athletes have a timing device of some sort. For intermediate to advanced runners, a device that also tracks distance and pace is important.


3100 19th St. NW
Rochester, MN
United States