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Whether you are an experienced high-level runner or interesting in running, aspires to be your daily inspiration, motivation, and encouragement partner. At Runwithalli™️ ( you can find everything you will have a leader for your local community to lead your run clubs weekly or bi-weekly. We are using running as an approach to enhance physical fitness. To get started, please subscribe to our channel. FREE Swag will be provided by Alli to every attendee who brings a friend!


Founder of Runwithalli™️, Alli Felsenthal values her purpose that is rooted in her passion for running and marathon running. She is always searching for new and improved ways to help other female runners run pain free at any level. This has inspired her to create nationwide local run clubs led by community leaders sharing the same passion as Alli. Helping other females run!

Alli is a UESCA Certified Running Coach and a seasoned Runner, Boston Qualifier, and Marathoner. Alli holds various certifications that she's obtained to help her to create her cross-training method for runners. These include: NCSF CPT, NASM PES, TRX, KB1, KB2, CPR/AED and UESCA Certified Running Coach.

Alli specializes in helping women at any level to learn how to run, or find the best way to help each runner stay injury free by using her cross-training method. Her method has been created by mixing science-backed research with her own personal experiences.

Today, she has successfully coached three female marathoners and one male marathoner to run a complete marathon using her approach! Their testimonials can be found on her website:

If you're a female and you have any interest in running, but you might need some guidance, accountability, motivation, or all three, please send us a message to become a part of your local running community near you!


Brooklyn, NY
United States

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional


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All levels of female runners or aspiring runners are welcome


Brooklyn, NY
United States