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Reid Case


Los Angeles, CA
United States



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CX Racer - Grad Student - Just doing this for fun. Level 3 USAC coach. Most of y'all have probably been doing this way longer than I have.

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CX Racer for Urban South Racing. Grad Student, Master of Computer Science with a focus in data science. I do really like data and am totally willing to talk if you need help with understanding metrics, devising new numbers to obsess over, or need someone to bounce ideas off of. I've been known to fix a corrupt ride file or two and have had success predicting heart rate response from other commonly available ride data using a standard MLP regressor, genetic optimizer for parameter tuning, and part of my rent towards AWS (that part was an accident - don't leave cloud instances running when you aren't using them, especially the expensive ones).



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Don't be too serious. I like bikes because they're fun.

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Los Angeles, CA
United States