Clair Parfrey
Clair Parfrey Phoenix Cycle Coaching
Clair Parfrey
Clair Parfrey Phoenix Cycle Coaching

Pailton , United Kingdom



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  • Triathlon
  • Road Cycling
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  • Mental Skills
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Clair Parfrey
Clair Parfrey Phoenix Cycle Coaching
Pailton United Kingdom CV23 0QD
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We have been providing coaching to cyclists and triathletes for several years. We provide coaching for every level - whether you want to achieve your 1st 50 mile ride or are competing. All training plans are individually written with your needs and life commitments in mind. If you just want to learn how to clip in, how to ride hills better or even just how to plan your week we can help - get in touch.

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I originally took up cycling to lose weight - like many others. But I soon found that it helped me in many other ways too - it gave me time to think, time when I was just me not Mum, wife or worker. I got bitten by the bug and joined a club, started competing and then started coaching too. I was in my 40's and my first 10 mile time trial took 46 mins. Since then I've changed my career, become a qualified bike fitter, completed British cycling Coach level 3, received an award for being 'inspirational' and reduced my time trial by 20 mins. If I hadn't had support around me I would not have been able to achieve this and now I enjoy helping others to achieve their goals. I believe that some coaches may come across as too 'competition based' for many beginners who just want to achieve a goal such as riding a charity event, completing 50 miles, riding up a particular hill or even just clipping in to pedals - and that's where we can help beginner or nervous riders. We aim to help you build your confidence. Of course we can also help riders who want to improve their time trial performances or ride 100 miles too and are happy to hear from anybody who wants a support for any cycling related issue.

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Beginner, Intermediate
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